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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Version 1.06 Released

Mostly just a bug-fix release, as there are not a lot of new features in here. There is a new option to open the VP selector up, so that you can choose whatever you want. This will enable those of you that are unhappy with how VPs are chosen for different situations (game extensions, restarting characters, etc), to do what you think is right.

In any case, here's what's new:

  • [1547] - New VP option to allow each player to select any number of VPs when starting the game.
  • Added some more details to the log to better explain the situation where a character is unable to perform actions while blocked.

  • [1543] - Altar/Shrine/TC/EM work correctly for summoning vistors/mission again.
  • [1546] - When buying from natives, don't show the names of treasures until they are being bid on.
  • [1552] - Pilgrim will no longer be blocked during the day by Demons/Imp.
  • Power of the Pit "Rust" result will now correctly destroy armor that is already damaged.
  • [1548] - The Imp's Curse alone is not sufficient to keep combat going, unless it does real harm (fatigue chits). Multiple identical curses are logged for clarity.
  • [1427] - Day end trades no longer prevented if you are blocked during the day, or during combat!
  • Curses will show up in exported character html now.
  • [1532] - "Wish for Health" no longer rests the chit you cast it with.
This release is compatible with any 1.00+ version save game.

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