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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Version 1.02 Released

Sorry about releasing an update less than 12 hours after the last. I just finished playing an online game with some friends, and we ran into a couple of painful bugs affecting a couple of BLACK magic spells. The first had to do with the Absorb Essence spell being cast under the optional Enhanced Magic rules - the game would crash, and leave the autosave in such a state, as to be unable to continue!! We had to completely restart the game from the beginning. Ouch. Fortunately, turning off enhanced magic was the immediate remedy, but I still wanted it fixed.

The second had to do with Power of the Pit crashing every time the "Rust" result was rolled. Of course, this comes up on a roll of SIX, which is pretty common, so it happens a LOT. Turns out it was just something stupid I did in the code for 1.01, so it was pretty easy to fix. Since Power of the Pit is somewhat unavoidable in a game of Magic Realm, I figured this better be fixed quickly.

To reiterate, here's what's new:

Version 1.02 - Changes since 1.01
  • [1508] - Absorb Essence and Enhanced Magic play nicely together now
  • [1509] - Power of the Pit "Rust" result no longer crashes the game
This release is compatible with any 1.00+ version save game.

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