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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Version 1.03 Released

Another maintenance release, with a couple of goodies. I fixed a problem with the curse dialog, which those of you that do a lot of "Read Runes" will appreciate. The behavior of dialogs and threads is interesting, to say the least, and quite fragile. I repaired a game lock related to table effects (Curse, Wish, PoP, etc) in 1.00 that sort of left it all a bit weird. I think this is the last of the weirdness fixed, and it all should be a bit more stable now.

I decided to attack a couple of the Character Advantage Requests listed on the Magic Realm Wiki. I plan to add one or two of these for every new release - we'll see how long THAT lasts! ;-) Anyway, one of the cool new advantages (by request) was to give a character special new actions. I implemented three: HEAL, REPAIR, and FORTIFY. Okay, that last one is my own invention, and it will likely get some raspberries from the most hard core Realmers, but there you are. The point is that these are likely to be major advantages (especially REPAIR), so its up to you designers to disadvantage them in some other way!

A character with a "special action" (as I call them) will have a new button appear at the end of all the buttons on the character window. For example, here is HEAL:

Otherwise, they work like any other action. HEAL and REPAIR are pretty obvious (see below), but FORTIFY is described like this:

Can FORTIFY during the day to gain armor-like protection in all directions (Suit of Armor) equal to their vulnerability. The FORTIFY action requires a successful roll on the HIDE table (though not affected by HIDE advantages!). This fortification can be damaged and destroyed as if it were armor. Regardless of its condition at the end of the battle, the fortification is lost at MIDNIGHT.

Maybe that's TOO powerful, I just don't know yet. I thought about limiting it to M armor, but I'm sure those of you that care will let me know! ;-)

Okay, here's what's new:

Version 1.03 - Changes since 1.02
  • New Character Builder features:
    • Can specify multiple companions of the same type at once (1-20). Why so many? Why not!! I made a Nature Druid that had a flock of birds, used to lure monsters. They don't last very long in combat, but they can give the Druid a chance to fight.
    • [1515] - Lizardman added to companions
    • Can specify an extra chit be added
    • Can use special day actions:
      • HEAL - Can HEAL one asterisk of fatigue or wound on any other character
      • REPAIR - Can REPAIR one armor item in carried inventory
      • FORTIFY - Can FORTIFY during the day to gain armor-like protection in all directions (Suit of Armor) equal to their vulnerability

  • [1514] - Repaired a GUI modality problem with Reading Runes and Curses during the day (broken in 1.00) - probably affected other tables as well. The change was made to resolve 1227
  • Fixed a problem with custom character icons in the character list.
  • [1517] - Fixed a problem with suiciding a character on the map edge
  • [1126] - Reflecting Grease will now properly reduce wounds on armor hits only.
This release is compatible with any 1.00+ version save game.


DewKid said...

Just had a thought: FORTIFY should prevent you from running from combat. That way, if you use it, you HAVE to stick out the fight!

By the way, you might ask: what does FORTIFY represent? I envision this as the character choosing the site of his battle, within the clearing, to give him the best advantage. Maybe he's standing between a pair of big trees. Perhaps there's a boulder at his back. Maybe he's just standing on a little incline. Anything that might give him a battle advantage.

DewKid said...

Another comment about FORTIFY: the "armor" that it generates lies in front of all your other armor. In other words, the enemy must go through your fortification to get to you! You do still take wounds normally though.

DewKid said...

Thinking that the REPAIR action shouldn't be automatic... what if you had to at least make a HIDE-like roll to be successful?

Jackrabbit said...

You mention that the 1.03 release requires a new images folder, but I didn't see a new resource pack.

DewKid said...

Oops - I meant to take that out. Version 1.03 does NOT require a new resource pack. I edited the post to reflect this. Thanks for pointing that out!