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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Version 1.01 Released

Update #1 - Thanks to John S. Myth (an alias I'm sure), there are now Linux scripts included in the 1.01 release download. If you've already downloaded, and you don't see them, then you probably got it before I added them. Download again, and you'll be fine. :)
As promised, I'm doing a quick turnaround on the last release, to resolve the worst bugs. I'm actually fairly pleased at how few new bugs were discovered, especially considering how many things changed in 1.00!

The only real "new" feature in this release, is the addition of updated Mac applescripts to support the new classpath I required in 1.00, thanks to Jorge Arroyo! If someone wants to do the same thing on the Linux front (or any other operating system you guys are running this on), I will be able to provide them in future releases, and make RealmSpeak more easily accessible to those less "geek" than others.

Mostly just bug fixes, so here's what's new:

Version 1.01 - Changes since 1.00
  • New Apple scripts for RealmSpeak, RealmBattle, and the character builder! (Thanks Jorge!)
  • New Linux scripts for RealmSpeak, RealmBattle, and the character builder! (Thanks John!)

  • [1490] - Fixed the crash related to using the "No Dwelling Start" option
  • [1505] - Fixed an issue with firing up the Flying Carpet
  • [1501] - Fixed a problem with hirelings helping you carry your inactive equipment
  • [1499] - The correct number of treasures added to the pile are shown now, when the Mouldy Skeleton is revealed.
  • [1492] - Set Cross-platform Look-and-Feel ON by default for new installations. People can switch this OFF if they want, and get the native platform UI. Of course, RealmSpeak will still remember what you prefer, so you don't have to set it every time you launch.
  • [1388] - Cannot peer INTO a tile affected by FOG anymore.
  • [1195] - Fixed some strangeness involved with hirelings ending their term of hire while a character is flying.
  • [1496] - Fixed a problem with Power of the Pit result ending up BEHIND the combat frame.
  • [1495] - "Foes" information will show on campaign chit view again
This release is compatible with any 1.00+ version save game.

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