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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Version 0.38a Released

You will need a new resource pack for this release. Yes, I know I just released a resource pack for version 0.37, but there were just too many new images to include in the application itself. I'll try to leave the resource pack alone for awhile after this!

Wheee!! I'm a happy camper. I played a successful online game last night (see previous post), and fixed the few issues that harassed us during the game. I finished Seasons/Weather (mostly), and added a "Hall of Fame". The bug tracker is down below 80 bugs, and the game has been running like a champ. Still a lot to do, but its getting closer and closer to being complete!


Oh, why v0.38a you ask? That's because the version I used last night was technically v0.38. Since I fixed a couple more bugs, I decided to bump the version slightly to 0.38a.

Here's what's new this time around:

  • Created a new menu called View, and moved some things around to make more sense. The tables menu is now a submenu under View.
  • BUG 499 - Added a "Hall of Fame"
    • No longer specify number of VPs in the setup dialog (since this would affect scoring range)
    • Not considered for Hall of Fame if VPs are disabled
    • View Hall of Fame from View menu

  • Added support for Seasons and Weather
    • New dropdown list on first tab of game options dialog to choose a season, choose no season, or choose a random season
    • New optional rule (optional tab) for weather support
    • Sheltered phases work (see the rules)
    • Eye of the Moon allows you to see/change the weather
    • Click on season icon to view information about the current season and weather
    • Mountain move cost dependant on the season (new move icons show what the cost is for each character)
    • All six "special" weather conditions are handled
      • Fatigue chits based on location
      • HIDE/PEER tables disabled depending on season

    • Mission special conditions (delivery locations and rewards) are NOT YET HANDLED

  • BUG 608 - Items with conditional fame are priced correctly now under COMMERCE rules
  • BUG 488,609 - Using a Horse and "other" bonus MOVE in a cave is more logical now (horse is used as soon as possible)
  • BUG 597 - Fixed game hang when a transformed monster winds up in an enchanted tile, and stuck in magic form.
  • BUG 519,613 - Fixed a problem where a character receiving and activating the Timeless Jewel on someone else's turn, couldn't ignore their recorded actions.
  • BUG 600 - Transformed monsters should prowl as normal now.
  • BUG 614 - When I fixed Bug 305 (below), I inadvertantly introduced a problem when running without any monsters in the clearing. This is fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with the action record interface: actions are now red when they are invalid, and black when they are not. Nothing else is changed, just the color, which was confusing.
  • BUG 615 - Created a problem in the wound interface when I added color chits. This is fixed.
  • BUG 218 - Color chits are now considered to be "in play" for purposes of determining death.
  • BUG 617 - GodRob discovered that the enchanted side of the Crag had one too many hidden paths! Good catch!!
  • BUG 510 - Flowers of Rest will no longer affect characters before being discovered.
  • BUG 520 - Inconsistency in Cloven Hoof behaviour is fixed.
  • BUG 544 - Cloven Hoof no longer affects denizen rolls anymore.
  • BUG 533 - Kill tally no longer shows multiple hits for split kills
  • BUG 548 - Effects of the poison spell and Oil of Poison will stack. In other words, you can add 2 sharpness stars to your active weapon.
  • BUG 573 - Can no longer use Pony to infinitely traverse mountains.
  • BUG 424 - REST stacking with the Berserker works correctly now
  • BUG 490 - Unhidden hired leaders in a clearing with a monster can no longer press the END button to exit combat.
  • BUG 475 - Burning a color chit is sufficient to continue combat.
  • BUG 512 - Can hire Ogres with Persuade spell now.
  • BUG 518 - Correct number of soldiers on Pillage campaign.
  • BUG 542 - Vial of Healing will now activate wounded, non-asterisk chits.
  • BUG 620 - Pressing END during a multiplayer game no longer permanently disables the encounter phase buttons.
  • BUG 621 - Fixed a small problem with CACHEs.
  • BUG 575 - Can no longer use MAGIC SIGHT to learn spells off inactive inventory
  • BUG 623 - Attack Spells will trigger Grudges now.
  • BUG 394 - Hitting friendly natives with Roof Collapses no longer causes them to turn on you (you target the clearing, not the natives)
  • BUG 540 - Weapon altering potions will work with the Alchemists's Mixture now.
  • BUG 622 - Timeless Jewel owners can do multiple REST phases at once now. Pressing REST will pop up a dialog asking "How Many". Hope this isn't more of a pain than before!


DewKid said...

Oh crud, it just dawned on me that the kill tally doesn't show kills for some reason. I meant to fix it for this release.... Not a big deal, I suppose. It will have to wait until next time!

Anonymous said...

~does the happy weather dance :) Thank you, thank you! - Teresa

DewKid said...

I discovered that if you choose a random season, and save your game, the season changes randomly every time you load it. This is a bug I'll have to fix for the next release.

Also, make sure you switch to the "Optional" rules tab, and turn the Weather ON, if you want to use it. Otherwise, it will stay CLEAR for the entire game.