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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Version 0.37 Released

NOTE: You'll need to download a new version (0.37) of the "Resource Pack" for this release!

I spent a lot of time working on aesthetics for this release. All of the spells now have text information and tables straight from the 3rd edition rules, available with nothing more than a mouse-click. It's also easier to see who and how cast what spells, and what spells are currently bewitching you.

I also reworked the RealmSpeak Battle Builder. It's a lot more user friendly, and lets you edit saved battles, for the first time! Much easier to experiment now, and much less frustrating to run (in my opinion).

Here's what's new:

  • BUG 593,594 - Spell information enhancements
    • New green bar on spell card identifies spells that are "Alive"
    • Table on character spell page displays all spell currently affecting (bewitching) the character
    • Right-clicking spells in inventory, or in "Bewitching Spells" table brings up a useful information panel that describes:
      • Owner
      • Caster
      • Incantation Chit/Item
      • Target(s)
      • Complete text from 3rd edition rules
      • Associated spell table, if applicable

    • Right-clicking spells in Spell Selector allows you to read the rules for that spell, and see any related table that might be used

  • Most die roll tables are now available in the "Tables" menu
  • RealmSpeak Battle Builder got a face lift
    • Entry dialog is a bit more user-friendly
    • Three choices: New Battle, Edit Battle, and Play Battle
    • Yes, you can edit battles you have saved (finally!!!), including game options!
    • The builder is a Frame instead of a dialog now. That means it will appear in your Taskbar, and not get "lost" in the sea of windows.
    • You can delete a character from battle
    • Treasures are sorted in alphabetical order, to make them easier to find (finally!!!)

  • BUG 231 - New button to allow the HOST to change game options during the game. (Like, if Watchful Natives breaks again, and you got a good game going, you can turn it off)

  • BUG 606 - Flying causes you to become unhidden now
  • BUG 601 - Sharpness dampening is shown in log now
  • BUG 553 - Toadstool Circle is exhibiting its effects again (BLACK magic and extra SPELL phases)
  • BUG 305 - If you are playing with STUMBLE rules, and are unsuccessful running with a 2 asterisk chit, you are no longer penalized for fatigue twice!
  • BUG 126 - When running away from combat with a horse, the correct side (trot/gallop) of the horse is shown.
  • BUG 111 - Followers now get left behind if the guide uses a Pony MOVE, unless they themselves have a Pony active.
  • BUG 373,596 - Native Horses are now made inactive when in a CAVE
  • BUG 370 - New optional rule to play with "Seasonal Color Magic", which has been the default of RealmSpeak forever. Now you can turn this off, and use the "BLACK/WHITE" colors for the 7th day.

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