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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Version 0.36 Released

Thought I'd get a release out while I had a version that is working pretty good in my hands, and before I break into some bigger issues. I think Watchful Natives actually works in this release, so hopefully those of you that have been having trouble will find that the bugs are finally gone. I set up numerous combat situations, and coded until ALL of them worked as expected. Thanks to everyone who reported bugs on this rule, as you really gave me the direction I needed to get this done.

As mentioned in the previous post, there are some new optional rules in place (Commerce and Grudges), as well as the advanced CACHE rule. This gets RealmSpeak more into my own "comfort zone", as I have always played Face-to-Face games with these rules in place.

Okay, here's what's new:

  • Advanced Rule CACHING is done
    • New option in game setup dialog under ADVANCED RULES tab
    • CACHE action is available

  • Optional Commerce rules are now in place
    • Native groups modify the price of treasure base on FAME, NOTORIETY, or BOTH (depends on group)
    • Treasures with special FAME get that value added to the base price when dealing with a particular native group
    • Selling items uses the Commerce table

  • Optional Grudges/Gratitude
    • Buying/Selling treasures with special FAME affect friendliness
    • Killing FRIENDLY and ALLY natives affect friendliness by 2 and 4 levels, respectively.

  • Changed the spell selector a bit: removed the blue arrow buttons - selecting spells is now as easy as clicking the spell you want. I thought having to select spells and press buttons was a bit tedious.
  • Power of the Pit dialog now shows who all was killed (if any), so it is clear what happened.

  • BUG 410 - Running as a transformed monster no longer adds the same monster to the "Used Chits" box, and available for attacks by yourself!!
  • BUG 579 - Added some code to guarantee that NO situation leads to a target not moving to their own sheet. This should resolve "Watchful Natives" once and for all.
  • BUG 588 - Fixed an issue with natives fighting natives under the Watchful Natives option
  • BUG 582 - Fixed a problem where characters were unable to share TWT locations (ie., Toadstool Circle)
  • BUG 589 - Treasures in battle builder are face up again
  • BUG 587 - Characters transformed into MIST, and has hirelings, are no longer available for attack by monsters/natives.
  • BUG 556,567 - Power of the Pit TERROR result was not killing hirelings following hired leaders. It is now.
  • BUG 566 - Magic Sight no longer protects you from getting cursed by the Remains of Theif or Mouldy Skeleton
  • BUG 411 - Read Runes allows a choice from awakened or Top Spell, as per 3rd ed rule 7.5.6.b.
  • BUG 580 - Fixed spelling of Sorceror (from Sorcerer - technically correct, but doesn't match the game)
  • BUG 578 - Fixed some fatal errors caused by fly chits expiring after use.

I'm experimenting with adding the bug links in here. It was kind of a pain, so don't expect to see these every time!!

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