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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Slow but Sure

I had forgotten how much there was to do with natives on the non-combat side of things! I think in the interest in getting a version out sooner rather than later, I'm going to forgo writing the code for handling Native Leaders for now. In other words, you'll hire natives, and they'll follow you until their hire term is up, then they'll drop into the clearing. They'll give you T strength when you need it (and if they have it!), and they'll fight in your interest when you get into combat, but outside of that, they are just... well.... inventory!

I changed the mystery "followers" panel that has always occupied the RealmSpeak character frames with a "hirelings" panel that shows who is working for you, where they are, and how long their hire term is. Of course, hirelings will always be with the hiring character for now, but when I finish writing code to support sending your leaders off in different directions, and transferring hirelings to other players, this part at least will be ready.

I am getting very close to releasing v0.10. I'm currently dealing with a couple of bugs related to spell targeting amongst natives and other characters, as well as a problem with native friendliness change after a BOON is taken (still isn't working!!), but other than that, its ready. Once I fix the bugs I've found, I need to play through a couple of solo games to make sure nothing else is broken, and then I'll post the release (maybe this weekend??)


David O. said...

Wow. "Lumping" the native leaders still brings a lot of goodies to the table/flavor to the game, etc.

BTW, will this version allow character x character combats?
David O.

DewKid said...

Yeah baby!! Character-Character combat is a real possibility with this version.

In fact, I added a place in the character frame where you can specify your enemies. This is a good way to tell RealmSpeak that you don't want to have combat every time you end your turn with someone, like you would if you were travelling as a party. It doesn't prevent you from attacking the other character, however, if you find yourself in combat anyway!

Of course, this can be changed at any time, and has to be mutual to work. For example, if the Black Knight has marked the Woodsgirl as a friend, but the Woodsgirl has the Black Knight marked as an Enemy, the combat screen WILL appear when they occupy the same clearing. Watch out for those speed 1 arrows Mr. Knight!

You are right about the flavor of the game changing. You wouldn't believe the number of times I have been killed by the Rogues for nothing more than just ending my turn at the Inn! With the stumble rules in place, there's no hope of running from all those guys.... :)

Mattias L said...

First of all, great work on the app. I have played more than 100 games with it and I'm loving it.

I don't know if it has been reported or not but sometimes you automatically flee TO the same clearing that you flee FROM, most often with disasterous consequences since the next day you can only record a move to this clearing and then you are immediatly blocked. I've also had fleeing backfiring after a teleport (I think it was from the Toadstool Circle) - I could flee back to the Circle even though it was at the other side of the board!

Keep up the good work! Really looking forward to the new release, especially if monsters get their own sheets so that hiding and attacking will work properly.

DewKid said...

Yes, there are some definite problems with running from combat. It's rare, but the situation you describe does happen on occasion (I've yet to figure out what's causing it!) There's a spot on the Wiki where this bug was originally described.

Once I release version 0.10, I think I'm going to do some general maintenance, and I WILL get to the bottom of the "run bug" somehow!

Thanks for your interest, and I'm glad you are enjoying the program!