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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Run Away Bug Found!

Thanks to the detailed comments of one playtester (Peter), I was finally able to recreate this bug! Here's how it happens:

You record a move across several clearings. Because you plan to be hidden, the monster in your path isn't too much of a worry. Unfortunately, you fail your hide roll, and are blocked before you reach your ultimate destination! Since you are caught unprepared, you decide to run away at the first opportunity. You succeed, but realize that instead of being placed between the clearings, you are still sitting in the clearing with the monster!!

On your next turn, you move, and discover that your only option, is to return to the same clearing! This isn't good!! You've encountered.... THE BUG!!

First reported on the MagicRealm Wiki by Eric Topp, this bug has been plagueing me for some time (since v0.4!!). It seemed to pop up rarely, but it is almost always a game killer. It has been hell for me to find it, because it never popped up when I was looking for it, and thus was never able to really get AT it.

Now (finally) I can recreate the bug at will, by simply recording a move "through" a monster without hiding, getting blocked, and trying to run. A fix will be in place by version 0.11.

Thanks to everyone that sent me information and screenshots on this one!!


Anonymous said...

This may be a bug or Im just rusty on the rules but... Sorcerer and berserker fail to hide and are attackes by 3 dragons (eeek!) Tremendous dragon hit barbarian, killed him, then flipped to red side up, and stayed red side up when my sorcerer was torn into itsy bitsy peices next turn.

DewKid said...

No, that's a bug! The dragon should have not have been red when jumping onto the Sorceror's sheet.

Thanks for pointing this out! I'll get it fixed in v0.11.