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Monday, July 18, 2005

Version 0.10 Released

For the first time, Native Combat! Here's what's new:
  • Clear out Serious Wound Rolls each round
  • Fixed "Decrease Levels" logic in Harm (decreases final harm, not just strength)
  • Missile weapons don't benefit from excess FIGHT strength
  • Added ability to alert MAGIC chits in combat simulator
  • T Serpent is armored now
  • Fixed Ghosts Notoriety Earnings (was 1, is now 2)
  • Highlight all rows with pending actions
  • Character attacks/maneuvers are secret if a character is attacking him/her
  • Hireling maneuvers on their own sheet (defender) are secret if a character is attacking them
  • Characters can mark which other characters are their enemy (Relationships tab) so friends aren't presented with the combat window on every turn.
  • Battling natives works (complete with drink buying)
  • Sucker punch - Monster gets its own combat sheet
  • Native combat, and most aspects of it, are implemented - NO NATIVE LEADER SUPPORT YET!
  • Monster/Native Regeneration - has always been there, but the code was never called!
  • Fixed Ghosts respawning - they are always prowling, and thus always respawn on the 7th day
  • HIRE action works
  • Show current month/day in character frame header
  • Fixed problem with taking a BOON from an Ally (used to bump down to Neutral!!)
  • Spell Selection page no longer shows "You may select more than ONE" if you can't.
  • Can place an attack without selecting a target (characters only) to alert a weapon (Rule 22.4/2a)

What's next? I think I'm going to take a step back, and work on some annoying things that have been broken for awhile (run bug, save/load features, combat simulator, etc.). Expect version 0.11 to be a bit of a maintenance release, with not a whole lot of new features. I imagine that will be okay, since this version should give you to plenty to play with for a while!

Have fun!


etopp said...

I can't work out how to use hired natives in combat (0.10) - is this feature implemented yet?

DewKid said...

Yes. If you hire natives, combat will show multiple combat sheets by changing your selection on the right side of the combat window. Click through those each phase of combat, and you will see what options are available (ie., Lure, Deploy, Select Target, etc)

etopp said...

But when I click through the combat phases, the hired natives don't get the opportunity to lure, deploy, etc unlike the characters.

DewKid said...

Ah, I think you are missing the buttons on the interface. On each of the Native's sheet, there should be a green box that says "Lure" in it. This box works the same way as the character, except that you can only lure one denizen.

Deploy is similar: each native has a green "Deploy" box on their sheet that allows them to be deployed to any assigned denizen in the combat. When you click the box, you should be presented with a list of possible opponents to lure.

Are you not seeing these green boxes during these phases? Remember, they will only appear on the active character's hired natives, not others. For example, if the Elf has hired the Woodfolk, only the Elf can designate which of them lures, and how they are deployed. If you are also playing the Amazon, she won't see green boxes on their sheets at all.

Another thought: are you sure you see the list of natives on the right-hand side? Have you clicked on each of them? They should each have their own combat sheet at the beginning of combat. If you "click through the combat phases" without examining each native combat sheet, then I can see how you might be missing the green boxes entirely.

Hope this helps!

etopp said...

When I click on a native in the right-hand pane, their combat sheet is blank i.e. there are no boxes. I put a screenshot on my blog:

DewKid said...

Now I know what the problem is! You didn't get the resource pack patch, and thus are missing the combat sheet image! Whew, I was getting worried there.

Okay, here's what you need to do. Go to the RealmSpeak download site:

Get the patch. Unzip it, and move both image files into the images folder:


If you are uncomfortable doing this, download the entire resource pack, and start over.

I'm betting this will solve your problem.

etopp said...

Problem solved, thanks!


I had unzipped the images into the wrong folder. Could you please add the path (images\combat) like you did with the images in the other resource pack?

DewKid said...

I suppose that would have been a good idea to do in the first place, huh. I will likely be deleting the patch in a couple of weeks, as I imagine most people that needed it, have it by now.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for your bug reports over on the wiki! I appreciate it.