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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Version 0.9 Released

Here's what's new:
  • Lightning, Fiery Blast, Roof Collapses, and Stones Fly work
  • Spells with a clearing requirement are checked properly (Mountain: Lightning Bolt, Hurricane Winds, Cave: Roof Collapses, Blazing Light)
  • Doesn't include MAGIC chits anymore when calculating fatigue at the end of a combat round
  • Show damage on attack spell cards
  • Automatically fatigue MAGIC chits at the end of a combat round
  • Battle Chit Viewer shows available color magic
  • Fixed bug where combat would end after two rounds with a red-side up T monster
  • Goblin's with SPEAR on their LIGHT side should have NO attack at all: fumble should not occur!
  • If a monster weapon kills you, the slower monster body shouldn't be able to destroy your armor too! (Death is instantaneous)
  • Fixed combat so that simultaneous (speed/length) hits do damage simultaneously.
  • After death, spells should NOT be added to clearing pile
  • Can now view a tally of kills for any given day, by double-clicking that row in your action table.
  • Elusive Cloak also checks monster weapon speeds now
  • Fixed bug where negligible weight treasures weren't appearing in the clearing loot pile
  • Added an option in the search dialog to Open the Vault (when appropriate) - too many people were confused by the Open button in the frame itself.
  • Enchanting the tile doesn't fatigue the MAGIC chit (only the color chit, if one was used)
  • Monster weapons flip back to light side at the end of combat
  • Artifacts/Books show how many spells are awakened and total
  • Examine awakened spells on any artifact/book, by double-clicking in inventory panel
  • Advanced rule - Serious Wounds
  • Advanced rule - Dragon Heads

Yes, you read that correctly. Attack spells work! Playing the Sorceror is a real possibility now, and something I recommend trying. Note that awakening and using spells on artifacts/books works too, so finding the Book of Lore will have a bit more meaning now.

This release also includes the new AppleScript files Don L wrote for me. Mac users need only unpack the provided SIT file, and use one of the two AppleScripts to launch the program:
  • MacRealmSpeak - Runs RealmSpeak
  • MacRealmSpeakBattle - Runs RealmBattle (for testing out combat scenarios)

Next on my list? Of course, more spells, and possibly getting the first step towards native combat underway: the Sucker Punch!


Anonymous said...

The game works quite well, keep up the great work.

DewKid said...

Thanks! I'm glad it works for you.