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Sunday, June 12, 2005

New MacRealmSpeak

Thanks to a good friend of mine, there is now an AppleScript over at the download page for Mac-users to run RealmSpeak. I've had a couple people (besides the script author) tell me that the script worked for them, and they are up and running. If you are still having trouble, ditch those stupid command files, and try the AppleScript instead!

If you are interested in keeping notified of new RealmSpeak uploads, be sure to join the RealmSpeak mailing list. This may also prove to be a good forum for reporting bugs, as everyone who joins will get to be involved in new bug reports.

Being that I've been pretty sick all weekend, there's not much else new to report.


David O. said...

Yes, the AppleScript does the trick. For some reason, an alias doesn't work (something w/ how the alias tries to call up the Terminal which loads RS), but a direct double-click loads RS just fine.
Quick notes while Robin recuperates:
1. Ctl-click and not Shift-click to select multiple options

2. resize map by dragging map window.
Running fine on 733 mhz/384 mb RAM OS 10.3.5 Mac G4. OS X has Java 1.4.2 built in, so the AppleScript should be all that is needed along w/ the 2 core downloads.
Thanks, Robin!!

Don said...

The reason the terminal script doesn't load correctly is that it doesn't start in the same folder as your Realmspeak files. Instead, it tries to run the file from the "home" directory of the user.

The Applescript detects the current directory name where RealmSpeak is located and then stuffs a "change directory (cd)" command in before running the terminal script.

(This AppleScript may not be friendly to folder names that contain spaces, so try to avoid those when naming folders for RealmSpeak. For instance, use "RealmSpeak" and not "Realm Speak" for a folder name.)

DewKid said...

Thanks Don!

DewKid said...

I should mention, Don is the author of the AppleScript :-)

don said...