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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Version 0.8 Released

Lots of little fixes, and even a first draft of spellcasting. Here's what's new:
  • Option to allow host to extend the game by one month, anytime the game ends
  • In game option to change icon size or show text
  • New start option to access the standalone RealmBattle utility for testing out combat situations (use battle.bat or battle_osx.command)
  • Fixed problem where running caused all evening combats to cease (Thanks for your help with this one, Scott!)
  • Made it so you can close the rest dialog even if you haven't used all your rests (but not if you use too many!)
  • Fixed the fatigue dialog to recognize the situation where you can't make change, and must simply lose the extra asterisk (Rule 11.2/1)
  • Option to Suicide a character: can only suicide your own character, unless you are hosting the game.
  • Clone Spells as characters take them, so they can appear in more than one place!
  • Can Learn a new spell, even if you already have the same one as a starting spell (Rule 40.4/2)
  • Dropping inventory updates all clients live during daylight
  • Characters can give items/gold to other characters in the clearing (Rule 14.3)
  • Characters can share discoveries (14.3/1)
  • Toadstool Circle allows extra SPELL phase (missed this one somehow!)
  • Update the map during each phase of the player turn for all connected clients (used to have to wait until the end of the current players turn to see what transpired!)
  • Only allow "looting" clearing inventory (dropped things) (Rule 9.3/1)
  • Deft Gloves shouldn't be usable to alert a Heavy Weapon
  • Blocked monsters stop prowling
  • Fixed problem with spell attacks repeating on every connected client!
  • Allow enchant when calendar or tile color is available
  • When transported to a cave, horse is properly deactivated now
  • Followers can't follow someone who is flying
  • Spell Casting alpha version (Can cast spells in combat, but they don't do anything yet!)
  • Button to view character card
  • Center on next character after pressing Send

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