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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Run Bugs

There are a number of bugs related to running from combat that are being reported about RealmSpeak version 0.7:
  • When there are combats in multiple clearings, running from one clearing causes combat to end in all the others (this is fixed in version 0.8)
  • In rare instances (I haven't been able to recreate these bugs):
    • Running from a clearing sends you down the wrong path if you just moved there
    • The turn immediately following a run from combat only gives you the option to move back into the same clearing, instead of giving you the opportunity to move further away.

If anybody runs into the "rare" situation, can you send me a screenshot, and/or tell me what you did leading up to the problem? I'm having a dickens of a time figuring out this problem, because it never seems to happen to me! (of course!) I've looked at the code, and it all seems very logical, so I just don't see what is wrong here. The more information I have on this bug, the more likely I'll be able to recreate it, and fix it.

The most useful things to capture in the screenshot is the player record sheet (for the player caught between clearings), and a decent picture of the map with surrounding tiles.

In the meantime, I'll keep trying different things to see if I can ferret it out.


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