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Friday, October 28, 2005

Autosave Woes

Thought I should mention a caveat with the autosave files. They wont work right if you try to open them on another computer. The reason for this, is that RealmSpeak is using the IP address to identify who get which character windows. This works great if everyone uses the same computer they used when they last played, but this isn't always ideal.

If you try to open a save file with a different IP address (different computer, different network, etc), then everything will open *except* the character windows. This is a problem I am aware of (the bug is posted over at Mantis), and will be a high priority for the next release.


David O. said...

What happens if you autosave when you have a dynamic connection or a local computer.

1) if I'm not actually playing over the net (local, one computer)

2)Over the net, same computer, different time with a different IP. Does RS save the IP address from log-in to log-in if it's on the same computer?

DewKid said...

RS saves whatever IP it finds at the time of the save. If you are not connected to the net, it's probably something like

Don't worry too much about this: I have to do a maintenance release this weekend to fix a problem with color chits that I introduced in v0.16, so I'll try to get rid of the IP requirement for that too.