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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Version 0.15 Released

I didn't get to fixing the Natives like I had hoped, but I did fix a bunch of other things. Here's what's new:

  • Flashing Button reminders when multiple players online
  • New Spell: Curse (Power of the Pit is enabled, but not fully working yet)
  • Join game options are remembered from game to game
  • Detail about "Spoils of War" in the Combat Detail panel
  • Added a "Close" button to the battle detail window
  • Daily Monster Die is shown in action table

  • Removed DEBUG code that was causing MAGIC SIGHT to only "Perceive Spells"
  • Fixed bug where casting Small Blessing (or Curse) caused the game to freeze up when there were multiple characters
  • Fixed bug where enchanted tiles would revert to green each time a new player joined the game
  • Enchanted Meadow result #4 will now properly cancel the WITHER curse, in addtion to healing your chits.
  • Fixed a bug where the GUI would crash when the Pilgrim casts Exorcise on demons while hidden
  • Hidden natives can deploy to unassigned targets
  • RED-side-up monsters can no longer be lured off a character sheet (I know that natives can do this, but I'm not doing this now)
  • Hirelings no longer get the Pilgrim's HEAVENLY PROTECTION, and can lure demons/imp.
  • WISH for PEACE no longer freezes combat when monsters are on caster's sheet
  • MAGIC chits count towards effort
  • Running from a peaceful clearing with other characters no longer freezes the game.
  • Reworked Spoils of War code - this should be accurate now - (Exception: When hired leaders kill, their inventory score goes to the character for now)
  • Multiple spell kills are sorted from most to least points (rule 43.4)
  • Hireling kills appear on character table

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