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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Version 0.16 Released

This is a fairly major release. I reworked a lot of the combat logic to allow for Hired Leaders, and the absence of Hiring Characters. If you've been playing RealmSpeak for awhile, you are going to have to get back into the habit of assigning your hirelings to a guide. You only have to do this once after each successful hire (they remember their assignments from day to day), but if you forget, your hirelings will stand idly by when you move on. This also means you can no longer do a HIRE and move on in the same day. Hirelings can only be assigned at the beginning of the day, so you'll have to stick around for the night.

This release also sports a couple new spells: Remedy (by request) and Whistle for Monsters. I also fixed the "Stones Fly" spell, so it will behave like described in the rules. This should make the Druid character a bit more playable!

Oh, several new options in the host setup dialog. You can specify an "auto-save" now. What this means, is that the game will be saved every turn at midnight, to a file in the same folder as RealmSpeak, called "autosave.rsgame". It doesn't ask about overwrite, so if you start a new game, any previous autosave is lost (I'll fix this someday). If you don't want autosave turned on, simply uncheck the box.

Okay, enough blabbering. Here's the rundown of what is new:

  • Native handling updated to match the rules
    • Underlings don't follow until Sunrise assignments
    • Underlings can be assigned to follow guides (including other characters!)
    • Running leaves underlings behind
    • Characters don't have to be present to manage the combat for their hirelings
    • Option in combat frame to exclude character from clearing
    • Native Leaders, and all that they do!

  • Added the die result to Wish, Curse, and Power of the Pit result windows, so you can see what the dice did.
  • Auto-save option in host setup window - saves a copy of the game every turn to a file "autosave.rsgame" in your RealmSpeak directory
  • Remedy works (removes curses only - doesn't target spells, because there are no spells with a duration to target yet)
  • Whistle for Monsters works
  • New House Rule to keep sound/warning/treasureLocation chits from flipping face down once they are discovered
  • Characters can be recycled after death (turn this feature OFF in my house rules)
  • Window appears at the end of your character turn if you have unavailable maneuver options due to heavy inventory

  • Can get negative fame/notoriety (I also added a house rule if you don't like this rule interpetation!)
  • Can actually get the 50 gold from the Chest now
  • Fixed "Negligible Harm" result on FUMBLE table (wasn't modifying harm!)
  • Dead Native Horses regenerate properly
  • Fixed a problem where a hidden CombatFrame was being created each round of combat, and never being disposed
  • Spells cancel spells as per rule 41.1/1
  • Spells that target the clearing do not affect hidden status
  • Switched positions of Position/Attack hotspot on denizen battle sheets
  • Added a hash to the base game object layer to improve data access speed
  • Default # of characters per player is set to 16 now (though if you've played RealmSpeak before, it will keep your last entry for this)
  • Fixed problem where not placing an attack was hitting non-maneuvering characters
  • Fixed option chooser when the number of items is too many (used to run off the screen) - now organized into tabs
  • Native group treasures are dropped face down on leader's death
  • Wish for Strength is tested AFTER natives when attempting to open the VAULT (or other)
  • Deploying hirelings against natives causes appropriate BATTLING response.
  • Fixed rare problem where hired natives would sometimes battle their employer!
  • Gripping dust stays with the affected weapon now
  • Magic Sight shows ALL spells on a site/artifact with Perceive Spell before allowing user to choose a spell to learn
  • Magic Sight "Counters" result will NOT take treasure from Site CARDS (like the Enchanted Meadow)
  • Hireling Horses are included when checking MOVE strength (Patrol 1 is M, his horse is H)
  • Fixed WoodsGirl's special ability: her die roll ability in woods affects all meeting rolls too.
  • Relationships for Native Leaders are the same as character
  • Stones Fly has a minimum of four attacks as per the rules
  • Fixed problem with showing too many spell casting options

As always, let me know if you run into any problems. The most effective way to do this is through the RealmSpeak Bug Tracker. Many of you have been using this forum, and its worked out rather nicely. Thank you!!

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