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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Version Released

Added some more features that should aid online play, including a neat new feature to play a sound to remind players that it is their turn (suggested by a user named "storymachine" in the bug tracker).

Here's what's new:

  • [1706] - The focus is given to "Next" and "Done" when you are playing your turn, and "Next" in combat so you can just press the ENTER key to advance.
  • [1705] - RealmSpeak will now play a sound when you are playing online when:
    • It is the beginning of a new day
    • It is your turn during the day
    • It is your turn during combat
    • When you forget to press "Done" at the end of your turn

  • You can enable/disable sound, and adjust the volume, in the options menu

  • [1701] - Made the fatigue/wound call thread-safe, so that network play doesn't lead to the "mystery round" condition.
  • [1702] - Fixed a problem with the chat lines on the map view when a player's name was particularly long.
  • [1690] - "Play Color Chits" button in combat will be disabled now when you don't have any more color chits.
  • [1707] - Fixed a problem with choosing a character with an extra chit or two.

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