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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Version Released

Did this release, so that I could play the expansion with a friend of mine. This version has a crude chat interface, which helps when you are playing with players that lack a TeamSpeak (or other audio) connection.

Anyway, here's what's new:

  • Added version information to the combat simulator launcher, and the error logs.
  • [1669] - New chat interface (rough, but it works) - look for it in the character frame tabs (last tab)

  • Fixed a bug with hiring Bob (Traveler)
  • Fixed a bug with destroying the Cloaks
  • Fixed a bug in the character chooser that was throwing an exception when choosing a random character
  • [1693] - Fixed a problem with hiring natives with a hypnotized native (expansion)
  • [1671] - Fixed a problem when transferring characters around, that was leaving familiars, hirelings, etc. behind

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