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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Version Released

This release addresses a couple of issues I had while playing the game online with my friend last weekend, and the tournament game a couple of weeks ago. Also, for no apparent reason, I added two new treasures.

Here's what's new:

  • Chat interface includes multiple colors now, which are automatically assigned (for now).
  • [1670] - Host can selectively kill one connection now.
  • New treasures:
    • Bone Hand - Cursed great treasure that can be activated to increase sharpness of any wielded weapon at the cost of one level of vulnerability.
    • Net - Subtract one from any CAPTURE roll (capturing travelers)

  • [1393] - Green combat hotspots now split when mounted natives are involved, to allow you to position natives together with their horse, or separately.
  • [1143] - Improvements to chit fairness calculations in character builder:
    • Account for MAGIC chit speed
    • Disadvantage for complete absence of MOVE/FIGHT chits
    • Disadvantage for chits that are locked to a position (like DUCK)
    • Advantage for chits that can be alerted to increase vulnerability
    • Advantage for FLY chits

  • Fixed a redraw issue with guilds and travelers when playing online
  • [1695] - Fixed a problem with empty error logs being generated every time you ran a battle simulation
  • [1542] - Added a couple places I missed when logging chit fatigue.
  • [1696] - Travelers that fight, will die now, instead of living on indefinitely.
  • Fixed a problem with indents in the detail log, when casting a group effect attack spell
  • [1683] - Added a new item to the map "right-click" menu to hide/show Site Cards (like Toadstool Circle)

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