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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Fixing a TeamSpeak echo problem

TeamSpeak is a great tool for playing games online. The only problem, is that sometimes, somebody joins the group, and causes an echo. The problem IS solvable, but it isn't always obvious how to do it. Here's a short article from the TeamSpeak FAQ on at least one way to fix the problem:

Q: My mates tell me I produce echos. How to fix?

A: There basicly are two ways echos can occur:

    a)   Sound from your speakers/headphones being recorded by your microphone.
    b)   Your sound driver recording all sound that you hear for you.

Now, 'which one do I have' you might be asking yourself... You can find out quite easily: Just turn your speakers/headsets off (volume = 0%), and ask your mates if you are still echoing. If you are not, you got (a); if you are still echoing you have (b).

Fixing (a):

This type of echo is nearly impossible to fix completely, but you can minimize it greatly if you follow a few general points:

* Switch your speakers off when TeamSpeak is on, use a headset to hear.
* Use headphones that shield well, meaning they prevent as much sound as possible from being audible to the outside.
* Try and keep your microphone as far away as possible from the headset (or more general, the sound-source).
* Lower the volume of the sound-source.

Fixing (b):

These echos are produced by your sound-drivers, they should be configurable by your driver too (its not a bug, its a feature). From windows users we have often heard you can select from which devices to record in the mixer (a mixer is the place where you can slide all these volume controls). Make sure the microphone is the only entry that is being recorded from. How exactly this is called, and where exactly you can find it depends on your driver/OS combination, you just have to search around. Good luck.

Hope this helps!


Steve Schacher said...

Strange that the article doesn't mention the straight-forward alternative, using the speak on keypress feature (whatever it's called).

My brother and I had this problem when the mic picked up the speaker sound and transmitted it back, causing a warble that wouldn't stop until I turned off the mic.

There is a feature that makes TeamSpeak work like a walkie-talkie, where the mic only picks up sound when you press a pre-defigned button.

DewKid said...

That's because that's not really a solution - its just a workaround. I use keypress all the time, but you STILL get an echo if someone with a misconfigured sound card is pressing their key at the same time. If everyone has headsets, there's no excuse for an echo.

Joey said...

I fixed it using Audacity 1.3 (which is also how I broke it to begin with!). I selected the record source to be Microphone instead of Mixer, and the echo disappeared.

DewKid said...

That's interesting. Thanks for the info! Another weapon against the infernal echo!!

Bulangarist said...
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