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Friday, June 29, 2007

Version 0.48 Released

The first thing you'll notice about this release, is the large number of bug fixes. I wanted to knock the bug tracker issues down to a manageable level, focusing on some of the oldest bugs. Some of you may remember posting these issues more than (gasp) a year ago! I apologize for taking so long to get to them, but that's just how things go when you are a single programmer.

I redid the character list window interface a little bit. You'll notice the change immediately with the presence of a lot of new little buttons. Don't worry, the log button is still in the same place (I took some heat for moving that one last time). Mostly this affects the host, but if you only play solitaire anyway, this is you. I'm not going to explain them in great detail here, because I think you'll figure them out quickly enough. If my icons leave you baffled, hold your mouse cursor over the button for a couple of seconds, and and explanation should appear.

During my last online game, one player suggested that there be a popup calendar, so that he could plan for a certain type of color. This is especially true with Seasons in play, because the 7th day color changes every month. The calendar button on the character list window (3rd button in from the left, in the image above) replaces the season icon that used to adorn the individual character windows. I think you'll like the change.

Lots of other nice goodies to talk about here, but I gotta get my act together for a game starting at 9:00 pm tonight. Just take a look at what's new:

  • [133] - Riding Horses Optional rule implemented
  • [134],[135] - Horses in combat, Optional rules implemented
  • [136] - Penetrating Armor Optional rules implemented
  • [844] - New Calendar window (thanks Dave S for the great idea!)
    • Shows the current day from the perspective of an entire month
    • Shows all the 7th day colors
    • Season (if any) and weather (if any) are shown, and a detail button allows access to more information about the displayed month.
    • Some notes on specific days to identify when:
      • Weather changes
      • Denizens reset

    • If playing with seasons, you can step through the months to see what is coming
    • Since this button is on the character list window, you can check the season (when using random seasons) before picking a character

  • Iconized the buttons on the character list control for easier layout
  • Many Modal Dialogs converted to Frames (will reduce the likelihood of a game freeze due to a locked window state)
    • Treasure Setup Card View
    • Character Card View
    • [852] - Transform and Weather dialogs
    • Any of the "VIEW TABLES"
    • View Remodeled Counters
    • Memory window
    • About window
    • View Hall of Fame

  • Experimental feature in combat frame to "Lock" the Next button
    • Allows you to lock any of your own characters out of combat
    • This feature can only be activated if the "End" button is enabled (ie., there are no angry denizens in your clearing)
    • Spellcasters don't have to wait for other players to press next
    • Pressing END only confirms with the non-locked characters
    • Currently, there is no way to undo the lock for a given combat, so don't activate it unless you really want out
    • Use this as a convenience, not as a way out of trouble! If there are hostile characters in the clearing, locking your next button is the surest way to die.
    • Cannot lock ALL characters. The last character must either play the combat through, or press END.

  • [633] - New House rule must be turned on for results of looting and reading runes to appear in the log (which is visible to all players)
    • If it is turned off (default), the log simply shows "Found Treasure" or "Learned a Spell".
    • Enchanted cards, sites, the Mouldy Skeleton and Remains of Thief are always revealed, as per the rules.

  • [633] - Double-clicking on a character in the list will now bring up a display that allows you to spy on:
    • Character Card
    • Fame/Notoriety
    • Current state of chits
    • Activated Inventory
    • Current relationships

  • [836] - Fixed an issue with double prowling (from Solitaire rules)
  • [835] - Don't show the "Decline Opportunity" dialog when simply rolling for native block/battle in the Evening.
  • [765] - Fixed a harmless warning message, when a flying character follows another character.
  • [756] - Fixed a rare bug that happens with Watchful Natives, and the Wish I Was Elsewhere result
  • [840] - Fixed another Absorb Essence problem, that was allowing controlled denizens from continuing to battle an absorbed monster
  • Combat log is now cleared between battle simulations
  • [838] - Fixed another harmless bug, that happens when you exit the map, and press the Reveal All button.
  • Fixed a problem with Premonition spell lasting beyond its expiration
  • Shuffled some spell activation to the host, where they are less likely to crash the game.
  • [842] - Fixed a problem with weather fatigue and the Witch's familiar
  • Better reporting of fumble logic and meeting rolls in the log
  • Bunch of Wish You Were Elsewhere result fixes:
    • [755] - can no longer select a horse in the clearing
    • [851] - no longer carries all following hirelings with you
    • [849] - no longer includes yourself in the possible choices
    • [850] - hirelings which teleport to dwellings on the board, will not become unhired

  • [805] - Swordsman (or Premonition spell) will no longer allow you to take a turn between the Witch and her familiar.
  • [771] - Killing the last Giant Bat in the same round you take control of it no longer ties up your spell (and chit) for the following day.
  • [290] - Hirelings and Red-Side Monster combat issues fixed
    • [847] - Deploying a native to a RED-side T Monster on another native sheet, causes the T Monster to move to its own sheet
    • [848] - Natives attacking a RED-side T Monster, that aren't its target, will disengage properly now.
    • [557] - Natives deploying to a RED-side T Monster on another native sheet that also has randomly assigned monsters will work correctly now.
    • Hirelings locked in combat with a RED-side T Monster can no longer deploy to another monster

  • [846] - Monsters moving to a clearing will properly block ALL the unhidden characters, not just the first one.
  • [845] - Native relationships are handled properly now for multiple boards
    • Soldiers B are a completely different group than Soldiers A for purposes of affecting relationships
    • Missions from Board B affect only natives from Board B, and so on.

  • [644] - Characters that restart will get a fresh slate with the natives.
  • [416] - When you fly to a tile, and record a non-fly action, the character token is moved to the clearing immediately so you can decide what to do.
  • [462] - If you transform after recording phases gained by activated treasure items, those items will no longer be automatically activated, and the phases will be cancelled.
  • [689] - Activated items that become inactivated due to a transmorphing spell, will return to active state when the spell goes inert.
  • Character option panel shows the full name of the character, including board identifier (B,C,D)
  • Natives with Board Identifier properly show # now. (Was showing RB for all, instead of RHQ, R1, R2, R3, etc)
  • Non-hostile attack spell placement is no longer invisible to the other players


Shane Street said...

Nice progress!

I especially like that you have implemented things that make multiplayer more interesting. All the spells are now active, and the hidden treasure draws help a lot. Thanks.

Steve Schacher said...

Great job!

The calendar is a nice feature. It's a static calendar so far (everyone sees the same thing). Is it possible in the future to make it dynamic for each player, to show hire end dates and mission due dates, or is that going too far with it?

Regarding seasons, did you once show the mission destinations for each season? They vary by season, and it would be nice to be able to see them in the calendar detail.

DewKid said...

Shane: Thanks! I'm pushing the multiplayer thing, because that's how I play this most of the time anyway.

Steve: Thanks! I fully intend the calendar to show all kinds of interesting goodies, to aid the player. I hadn't thought about hire/mission due dates, but those are great suggestions. I haven't yet implemented mission destinations by seasons (see Issue 618, so that's why that info is absent from the viewer. I'll get that in there soon, I promise!