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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Version 0.46 Released

This is a pretty nice build. I figured it was time to get a boatload of features into a release, especially since the last couple of releases have had a fairly small amount of "obvious" changes.

First, I thought I'd tackle all the "mean" spells: the spells you would only use if you were playing competitively, and wanted to mess up another character. Basically, this is Fog, Illusion, Bad Luck, Lost, and Violent Storm. Rather than taking a long time to do, I got through them fairly quickly, and realized I only had three spells left to do. I was thinking how cool it would be to have them all done, and decided to go for it.

Anyway, with that out of the way, I started hitting the bug list pretty hard. It has grown past 100 issues, and I really hate that. Also, some older issues needed some attention, so I just kept going until I reached a point where I was comfortable (just barely under 100).

I added a new button to the combat interface, that I'm planning a lot of work on in the near future: "Suggest Action". The idea is that you can press this button at any point during combat, and a little bit of AI determines what your best course of action might be. My thinking here is not that it would be so smart, that you could hone your strategy, but rather be a tool for new players to get a feel of the game without having to understand it all at once. I've played a few online games where new players get completely lost, and it would nice to just tell them to press the "Suggest Action" button. Right now, I think the only place where it actually does anything, is during the Actions phase, and then only if you have an unalerted weapon (can you guess what the advice is?)

Okay, I could blather on forever here, but YOU just want to know what's new:

  • All spells are finished! New in this release:
    • Fog
    • Illusion
    • Bad Luck
    • Lost
    • Violent Storm
    • Hurricane Winds
    • Peace
    • Ask Demon

  • Spells affecting individual tiles (like Fog and Lost) are shown on the tile itself, and in the mouseover. There is an option in the "right-click" menu to turn these indicators off, if desired.
  • New "Suggest Action" feature in combat (VERY alpha right now)
  • [742] - Added a check for character attack placement, so that you wont forget to do this, and get yourself killed!
  • [479] - A new house rule to allow you to decline an OPPORTUNITY roll on MEETING/COMMERCE, and instead take the result of rolling a 2 on the same table.
  • Ability to save a combat while doing combat in the battle simulator. This allows you to setup a situation, play a round to get things into position, and then save that point in time.
  • Added log button back to main character panel - I should have never removed it

  • Fixed a problem with Enchant Artifact not removing the added spell when INERT
  • You are properly able to use multiple magic types (like from Enchant Artifact) on an artifact now
  • [794] - Fixed an issue with Transform causing the appearance of a game freeze.
  • [294],[795] - Fixed a problem where a magic user killing an opponent with a spell, and then getting killed himself, would cause combat to freeze.
  • [494],[733] - Fixed a problem where Transform was taking natives out of combat
  • [494],[698] - Fixed a problem where deploying a native to an unassigned denizen, and then pressing cancel, was causing the denizen to vanish
  • Fixed a gnarly bug that killed my last online game - involves using a transmorphing spell from an artifact while carrying another artifact with an active permanent spell on it
  • [711] - Heads/Clubs will show light-side up when a monster is killed and regenerates
  • [539] - Hirelings following HQ will properly be counted when buying drinks
  • [714] - Character that fatigues when running will properly extend combat for those left behind
  • [817] - Fixed a harmless exception that is sometimes generated when you quit a game
  • [757] - Fixed the PEACE wish result from affecting the entire tile: now it properly affects only a single clearing
  • [516] - Day actions no longer lost when saving/reloading.
  • [816] - Reveal All button goes away after extending game.
  • [815] - Don't assign VPs to hired leaders when extending game.
  • [770] - Double board discoveries will no longer cross boards
  • [693] - Double board treasures/spells/chits are appropriately mixed across both boards.


Anonymous said...

Awesome - many good things in here. Yay for 742! :) - Teresa

DewKid said...

Yes, 742 has already saved me once, and I'm practically married to the game! :-)