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Friday, April 21, 2006

Version 0.30 Released

Well, this should alleviate the issues of v0.29. If you want to wait a day or two, I'll let you know how tonight's game goes. I'm playing with 3 other players (I think), so if it works, I'll be happy! I'll post the experience here, either tomorrow or Sunday. If you want to give it a go yourself, it's only a 2 MB download!

Assuming all is well with v0.30, I think this will be a cool release. Combined with the features I attempted to add in v0.29, this will be the first release that permits battle "observation", which is a big plus. That means if you aren't involved directly in a combat, you can STILL watch the goings-on, something that wasn't possible in earlier releases. This also means you can have "game observers" that don't actually play a character (assuming people have an interest in that).

One neat new feature in v0.30, is the ability to click on clearings without the requirement of first pressing the MOVE button on the character frame. This will save a lot of back-and-forth motions with the mouse, especially when you are travelling a long ways across the map with a horse or pony! Make sure the top character frame is the one you want to move, and then simply click clearings to move. Of course, if you prefer to see your options, you can still press the MOVE button each time. That's up to you!

Oh, before I forget, I made a change to the time delay that's built into the client/server relationship. If you've ever played online, you've probably noticed a bit of a delay getting things to happen. Hopefully this works well: another reason to wait and see how tonight's game goes!

Okay, here's what's new:

  • You can rehire your hirelings now (extends their term of hire by 14 days)
  • If you click on a clearing during the recording phase, RealmSpeak will now automatically record a MOVE action for the active character (no need to continuously hit the MOVE button)

  • Reduced the delay in the server wait time per request. This should make the online game a bit more spunky. (Though I'm concerned it will have an adverse effect on slower computers... I'm sure you'll tell me if you have problems!)
  • I think I fixed the recent combat frame problems for good. I did a bit more hard-core testing, including all of these situations:
    • Normal combat for a single local player
    • Normal combat for a single online player
    • Normal combat for two local characters
    • Normal combat for two different online combats
    • Running from combat without hirelings
    • Running from combat with hirelings
    • Running from combat with another online character staying behind
    • Ending combat while in a clearing with another character's hireling(s)

  • Realm Log window now scrolls to the bottom by default
  • Fixed a bug that caused Native HQ's horse to get put into the native's hold when becoming unhired
  • RealmSpeak no longer tries to make the Witch's familiar place a visitor/mission chit
  • Discovering the Flowers of Sleep now affects players that have already taken their turn too
  • Losing your turn do to the Flowers of Sleep will no longer summon monsters (as per Richard Hamblen's Q&A on Nand's site)
  • Moved the "Setup Card" button out of the character frame, and into the character list window (makes more sense there)
  • The REST dialog no longer allows you to skip your rests by pressing the Done button.
  • The detail button in the combat frame now opens the game log window (or moves it to the front) since it now has the same information anyway
  • When you do an SP phase and get the options, its much clearer which buttons will affect the tile, and which will affect the chit (the tile icon is included on the button)
  • Fixed a bug where clearing restrictions (ie., Mountain clearing) were being ignored for spells on artifacts and books

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