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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Version 0.29 Released

Not much to say, except here's what's new:

  • No longer need to "approve" trades between characters belonging to the same player
  • Improvements to the combat interface:
    • Pressing END now polls by PLAYER, not by CHARACTER. This means that if you are playing a SOLO game, you need only press the END button one time per clearing. No more endless clicks on the stupid END button when playing multiple characters in a solo game!!
    • All players can observe all battles now (no more twiddling your thumbs wondering what is going on)
    • Combat Window stays "open" until combat has ended for all players (no more flashing window - there is still some blink in the interface itself though)
    • "End Simulation" button when playing a combat simulation so you can quit right away.

  • RealmBattle allows you to choose awakened spells on books now too
  • New Help menu item: Key to Remodeled Counters
  • Playing the game with combat turned OFF now displays the words "COMBAT OFF" instead of the "Daily Combat" checkbox.

  • Fixed a bug when absorbing one of Pruitt's monsters
  • "Hide character chits" option includes phantasms and familiars now
  • Using a color chit to transform during combat now immediately updates the frame image
  • Pacification spells are properly cancelled now if hirelings are already assigned to attack the pacification target (3rd edition rule 8.4.2.h.1)
  • Can only assign hirelings during Birdsong
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes hides the "Game Over" screen before you have a chance to look at it.
  • Blocked characters can no longer trade

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