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Monday, April 03, 2006

Version 0.28 Released

Hooray! This is a big release, in my opinion, because it is the first one since I added long duration spells to RealmSpeak that actually works as I meant it to. If you don't know what I'm talking about, see the previous post below. For the rest of you, here's what's new:

  • RealmBattle (the battle simulator) now uses the chit style you have selected in RealmSpeak
  • RealmBattle now supports making duplicates (if you so desire) of denizens for testing double-board battles. Simply make sure the "Make Duplicates" checkbox is checked before adding denizens or hirelings.
  • RealmBattle now allows you to choose an awakened spell for an artifact (not books yet)

  • Fixed a bug with phases gained from permanent spells
  • Fixed a general bug in the action panel behavior when the Timeless Jewel is activated
  • Fixed (at long last) the bug which caused duration spells to sometimes get stuck in one state or another
  • Fixed a problem where characters are able to move Gloves cards from other characters
  • When an invalid action is encountered during your turn, you must resolve the issue, or press Play Next to make it a BLANK phase.
  • Multiple non-simultaneous hits on a mounted native will spill through to the rider, making it possible now to kill a mounted native in one round.
  • If a character is not in the same clearing with his hirelings (they are following another character), the 1st hireling is highlighted on the character's turn in combat instead. (used to default to the first row which is confusing)
  • Monsters under the influence of Melt-into-Mist no longer block character activities
  • Misty monsters are ignored when determining whether the END button should be disabled or not (ie., you can end combat in a clearing that contains only a monster transformed into Mist)
  • Another fix to Pruitt's monsters (sigh) to get them to return to the setup card properly
  • Terror result in Power of the Pit, no longer kills L and M characters outright
  • Power of the Pit no longer affects transformed character chits
  • Transformed characters that are killed, will now properly untransform, and drop inventory in the clearing
  • Witch's familiar no longer loses its turn when the Witch is following another character.
  • Any character with ability to use one die with missile weapons (ie., Elf), no longer get an advantage with missile attacks (ie., Fiery Blast)

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