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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Version Released

Just a quick update to fix a few things from the last release, and to pick off a couple of issues on the bug tracker.  I also included the latest quests, so if you haven't been updating them from the website, you can get updated anyway.

Here's what's new:

  • New Color Magic requirement added
  • Quest deck is now "shuffled" three times before drawing cards
  • Enabled multi-board for expansion. NOT THOROUGHLY TESTED!!!
  • [1720] - Can edit fame/not/gold in the GM tool now
  • [1804] - Fixed a bug with the RelationshipChange reward in the quest builder.
  • [1749] - Roll of 4 on Toadstool Circle will correctly allow enchanting clearings in other tiles.
  • [1403] - Toadstool Circle Extra Phase is working again.
  • [1768] - Fixed an issue with Exorcise that was failing to target curses when no Imp/Demon was in the clearing.
  • [1813] - Fixed an issue with the Ghosts that was causing them to remain dead indefinitely (since last release)
  • [1719] - Character kill scoring is sorted in order so that characters killing characters that killed things get credit for notoriety and gold earned that round.
  • [1801] - Fixed target spelling on Broomstick and Guide Spider or Octopus spell cards.
  • [1807] - Removed misleading information on Read Runes button that suggested sites (Statue, Altar, Shrine) could have awakened spells on them (they cannot).
  • [1808] - Fixed the behavior of conditional fame with the guild items (like Pirate's Map)
  • [1755] - Followers can energize permanent spells by playing a color chit.
  • [1802] - Fixed an issue with conditional fame when playing with multiple boards.
  • [1747] - Fixed problem trying to trade with Warlock when you can't learn the spells.
  • [1803] - Fixed a bug that crashed combat when the Lich is killed with Magic (like Fiery Blast)


Bobby Bissett said...

This is, seriously, still the coolest thing I've seen a single developer do. I spent so much time thinking about the way to do basic things like the map, and then you actually implemented everything.

Just wanted to share since I haven't spoken up in a while.


...formerly 'that guy from Sun who worked on Java,' heh heh

DewKid said...

Yeah, I remember you. :-) Thanks!