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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Version Released

The RealmSpeak bug list is shrinking every release now. There are currently less than 50 reported bugs/issues/features at this time, and I'm feeling pretty good about it. New this release, is a feature that's been lacking from the general rules since day 1: Treachery. Yes, at long last, you will be able to turn on your hirelings (for a price). Make sure you also look at the 3rd edition rule options for the "Benevolent Spells" option, or you'll be creating rebels every time you try to enhance your hirelings.

Anyway, here's what's new:

  • [1316] - New house rule to allow a character to go into negative fame/notoriety to pick up a campaign chit
  • [1507] - Flying hirelings/companions can be ridden now.
  • [1644] - Option to "Offer" inventory when trading, in case other character is offline, or just unresponsive.
  • [1542] - When chits are rested/fatigued/wounded, they are written to the log now.
  • [17] - At long last, Treachery is implemented in RealmSpeak.
  • [430] - Benevolent Spells option (default off), so you can cast spells like "Poison" without causing your hirelings to turn on you.
  • Guild Improvements:
    • Separated the "Join Guild" option into its own action. It will cost one more phase to join a guild, but at least you can do it without being REQUIRED to buy a service, and can start benefiting from the NEUTRAL relationship right away.
    • Shuffled a small treasure away from the Inn, Guard, Chapel, House (they are back down to 2 apiece), and increased the guilds allotment to:
      • Thieves Guild: 3 small treasures
      • Fighters Guild: 2 small treasures
      • Magic Guild: 2 small treasures

    • Gave each of the guilds some sort of weapon/armor to sell
    • New armor: the Cloak - this is equivalent to the Suit of Armor, but with a LIGHT vulnerability. The Thieves Guild does have one MEDIUM cloak for sale.

  • [1667] - Fixed a bug with the R250_521 random number generator that crashed the game after a long run.
  • [1393] - When not playing with optional riding rules, native horses will default to the same box in combat (no separate placement).
  • [1485] - Phase-based weather fatigue (like Ball Lightning) will correctly fatigue TWO asterisks when moving through mountain clearing.
  • [1540] - When looking at your own CACHE, the amount of GOLD that is stored there is shown.
  • [1389] - Fixed some issues with the Lost spell: you can record multiple moves to the same clearing now (to simplify Lost movement), and Timeless Jewel no longer lets you "cheat" the lost rolls.
  • [1553] - Committed artifacts/books no longer available to cast a spell, until the spell they are committed to has ended. Of course, if you are using Enchanted Magic rules, then this fix doesn't apply.
  • [1113] - Rest interface will break up multiple rests when there are possible phase-affecting conditions (like weather fatigue, or flowers of rest)
  • Reduced hire wage of Exorcist Traveler from 25 gold down to 12 gold (didn't intend for him to be THAT expensive!)
  • [1569] - When wounded/fatigued, and following another character through a clearing with Flowers of Rest, the "tired" character will fall asleep, and be left behind.
  • [1558] - Fixed a bug that was allowing a character transmorphed into a demon (non-flying) to be able to fly away with the Broomstick's FLY L4* chit.
  • [1529] - "Watchful Natives" will no longer override "Peace" effects. Also, chits influenced by PEACE will be marked as such now, for clarity.
  • [1294] - Getting teleported away while a flying dragon is following you, will no longer let you FLY on the next phase with the Timeless Jewel
  • [1127] - Can no longer rearrange belongings at day end, while between clearings.
  • [1084] - Can no longer burn color chits after the last phase of the day.
  • [1354] - Character's will now only be able to block at the END of the phase, not the beginning.
  • Fixed a bug where summoned animals/elementals/undead would sometimes become unkillable.


Tarotmoon Press said...

Love the new releases - but I'm really hoping you can fix the java path Windows 7 bug in the next one. Every time I download one of these I have to dig out that old e-mail and fix it by hand... Thanks!!

DewKid said...

Can you post that old e-mail here, or forward it to me? I've completely forgotten what the problem was, and should probably get that into the bug tracker.

DewKid said...

I actually found the old e-mail trail, so it looks like I don't need you to do anything. I posted a bug here.

Thanks for reminding me!