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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Version Released

This release fixes a few bugs, and builds on the last release by adding seven new travelers. I also reworked the credits section, as there have gotten to be a lot of names to cover, and too little space to do it.

Here's what's new:

  • [1659] - When the previous round of combat has no damage/fatigue/spellcasting, it is shown now on the combat sheet, so you can remember to fatigue if you want combat to continue.
  • New RealmSpeak credits window (check it out!)
  • [1661] - Battle Bracelets will work correctly against other characters now
  • [1660] - Weather/Season information visible in HTML export
  • Seven New Travelers:
    • Gypsy - Offers magical talismans for sale (each talisman has its own advantage)
    • Seer - Capture to gain "Timeless Jewel" ability for 14 days
    • Rock Golem - Capture to gain GRAY magic for 14 days
    • Bard - Allows you to "sell your story", losing fame, but gaining gold
    • Pickpocket - Steals 0 to 5 gold from dwellings where you end your turn
    • Bat Hunter - Attack speed 1 against Giant Bats
    • Exorcist - Protects from new curses

  • [1657] - Capture Traveler table is visible now
  • [1658] - Fixed a bug that wasn't counting kills by PoP as "damage" for purposes of determining end of combat.
  • [1662] - Fixed a bug with the Magic Flute that was causing the game to crash.
  • [1663] - Changed the behavior of the Magic Wand slightly, so it is applied when the spell is cast, rather than later. This fixes a problem with being able to control the RED die when casting a spell against another character.
  • [1006] - Permanent spells in the presence of an automatic source of color magic, will no longer go inert at midnight.
  • [1664] - You will be asked to confirm when abandoning an item.
  • [1383] - You can drop underlings (and travelers) during your turn now.

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