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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Version 0.59.1 Patch Released

A few necessary fixes, and a couple of bonus ones. Here's what's new:

  • [1206] - Fixed a game killing bug that only occurs if you play with development rules turned OFF
  • [1207] - The "Distribute" button was not working if none of the players had inventory, but did have gold. This is fixed.
  • [1072] - If you are blocked BEFORE your turn, you will not summon monsters anymore (as per the rules)
  • [1185] - When you aim to sell items to a native group, you will no longer be charged a TRADE action if you press cancel before proceeding.
  • [1090] - Boots are checked after ALL items are sold as a group, not individually anymore
  • [1118] - Abandoned treasures are no longer face up
  • [1208] - Characters killed by another character's attack spell transfer inventory correctly now
  • [1162] - When you are teleported by WISH, your hirelings will remain behind, as they should.


Anonymous said...

There is a deadly bug:
3 characters vs Bat:
Bat is assigned to Magician;
Pilgrim cast Wish (Magic Chit I4) on a Magician;
Witch king cast none;
Magician cast Control Bat (VII 0(prepared)); Then NEXT button dissapear.... CRUSH! (it seems a wish work like teleport? I do not know)

Anonymous said...

Any new updates/patches? How about new characters? What would be nice to see is additional native groups created and mixed in with MR. Other than that, the game is awesome!!! A great welcome to the gaming world especially when it comes to the development stages.