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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Version 0.58 Released

Not a lot "new" in this release. Mostly some necessary bug-fixes to get RealmSpeak back in line since the addition of custom characters. I'm going to start adding unit tests where I can, to prevent some bugs from recurring (something I should have been doing all along), so hopefully that will make RealmSpeak more reliable going forward.

Here's what's new:

  • Character Builder Updates
    • [1171] - Added spiders to the monster immunity page, and companion page
    • [1170] - Choose between two classes (fighter and magicuser) for purposes of random selection in the chooser

  • [1157] - Fixed Map of Ruins treasure AGAIN - Added a unit test to this so it shouldn't break again
  • FLY chit bugs fixed:
    • [1151] - FLY chits available only when you achieve the correct level
    • [1154] - FLY chits are fatigued properly when running away
    • [1153] - FLY chits are properly included in the effort calculation now
    • [1169] - Running away with the flying carpet is working properly again now.

  • [1168] - Dwarf gets his 1 die roll in caves for HIRE and TRADE, as well as MEETING now
  • [1155] - Shielded Lantern is no longer restricted by the "Shield" Item Restriction custom ability
  • [1164] - DUCK and similar type chits are no longer included when determining how much your character can carry.
  • [1152] - When you try to activate a restricted item (per advantages), you'll now get a message telling you why you can't.
  • [1158] - Reset button works on luring page again.
  • [1160],[1165] - Problem with casting attack spells is fixed.
  • [1131] - Fixed a problem where interacting with your CACHE containing heavy items was testing your boots unnecessarily
  • [1149] - Fixed a problem that crashes RealmSpeak when you have a custom character in your "characters" folder, with a name that matches treasure locations (like "Statue")

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