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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Version 0.55 Released

Not a ton of stuff here, but enough to make it worth the download, I think. The TRADE bug is worth it alone, because I know this has caused more than one person grief.

Anyway, here's what's new:

  • [1013] - Added three layout options to the Window menu, including one that will automatically make your map as big as possible. All three have keyboard shortcuts.
  • Implemented new random number logic:
    • When you load a game, RealmSpeak will restore the random number generator to the state it was when you saved the game.
    • If you do the same actions during the day after a save, the same die rolls will occur
    • No more cheating when you fail that HIDE roll, and reload the game (though I can't stop you from changing your turn around, or adding more HIDE phases!)
    • Here's the best part: when your game crashes right after something amazing happens (roll snake eyes at a treasure site with 1 item), you don't lose the roll, assuming you repeat the same actions!

  • [1056] - Fixed a bug that freezes the game when a previously controlled bat returns to the setup card
  • [1058],[1060] - Fixed a bug in the TRADE action that freezes the game when you have an item in your inventory worth exactly zero for a particular native group.
  • [1054] - Fixed a bug that was failing to draw the blue X on the pony icon for hired leaders.
  • [1050] - Moving out of Toadstool Circle after using SP phase no longer charges you phases retroactively
  • [1077] - Fixed map season icon, so it doesn't occlude chit view.
  • Development-specific Bugs
    • [1062] - Fixed a bug that was wiping out your relationships before doing the addition at 3rd level.
    • [1067] - Knights adjustment optional rule applies to development characters now.
    • [1078] - Newly gained chits are shown immediately in the chit panel now.
    • [1055] - Gaining new chits while WITHERed will update the chits to fatigue appropriately now.
    • [1057] - Gaining new chits with chit effect (like Belt of Strength) in effect is updated appropriately now.
    • Added a new option to allow you to ignore your starting worth for purposes of advancement
    • Added a new option to allow you to gain your normal relationships at 3rd level (note: this was the default in the previous version, but now you need to turn the option on to get it)

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