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Monday, October 22, 2007

Shortest. Game. Ever.

I started off as a Wraith (Witch-King level 1). I took TRANSFORM as my spell, and energized my sole IV chit into PURPLE magic. I figured that along with the VI, I could at the very least, cast this spell on myself, and hope for something good.

I moved one clearing away into the neighboring tile, and failed both of my HIDEs. I got immediately jumped on by two Heavy Flying Dragons. Since casting transform on only one of the dragons would do me no good, I cast it on myself (c'mon Lion or Eagle!!). I turned myself into a frog and was killed in the first round.

Game over.


Yxklyx said...

Yeah, you really need to take Melt into Mist. Transform is not very reliable.

Robert said...

This may be even shorter: I started as the Witch-King with the Ghosts and did a move as my first couple phases.

Unfortunately, I was moving to a mountain clearing and forgot the rules. Blocked after phase 1 with no chits alerted. Died immediately. Oops.