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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Version 0.53 Released

Hoo boy. Some interesting new features here, and a couple of necessary bug fixes. It appears that my quick patch didn't really solve the ALERT phase issue discovered in version 0.52, but rather made it a bit weird. That's what I get for doing a "quick fix", and releasing a patch. I can assure you that the bug is fixed in this version, so those of you frustrated with the inability to ALERT your weapons, will find that this is back to normal.

The biggest new feature here, is what I'm calling a "Comprehensive VP Page". If you have ever flipped over to the victory point tab on your character frame, you've seen the bland table that's been there forever. A number of rows and columns, with not so much as a single tooltip or hint to let you know what is going on. I've never liked this interface, because it always leaves people questioning whether or not I'm doing the calculations right.

No more. The new table has more columns, and more breakdown of the numbers that go together to make up your score, as well as colored sections to keep related info together. The best part, is that you can click on any cell in this table, and get a quick picture of how the number is derived, right down to the details of individual treasures you've acquired during the game:

The cell of interest is always bordered in blue, and if other cells are involved in the calculation, you'll see them bordered in green. Having never been a fan of the whole VP endgame built into Magic Realm, this interface actually makes it a bit more interesting. It helps you make decisions about which items you should keep, and which you should sell, and keeps you attuned to the bizarre logic from which your score is derived.

There's another feature I added, that has been requested multiple times. The reason I've put it off for so long, is that I thought it would be an annoying and useless feature. Turns out, after adding it in, I discovered that I rather like it. Take a look in the options menu under "Popup Window Options", and you'll find an option for "Turn End Results". Turn this on, and a window will popup at the end of your turn to let you know which monsters were summoned to your tile. Of course, if there are no monsters summoned, no pop up will show. Try it out!

Ok, here's what's new:

  • New comprehensive Victory Point page
    • More columns break down the points to more detail
    • Every cell can be highlighted for more information:
      • Calculation of cell broken down into an equation
      • All treasures that make up the highlighted score are shown

  • [989] - Gold Chit dialog now has a "Place Random" button that will place a random chit in a random box, if you don't want to pick one yourself.
  • [1002],[234] - Option to show turn end results. Right now, all this does is show you which monsters are summoned to the tile (if any).
  • [991] - A tweak to the map mouse clicking logic that should yield more reliable map clicks (important when you are plotting your moves)

  • [978] - Enchanted Cards in a cache will show face up now
  • [982] - Fixed a harmless error that is generated when dropping items while using the Timeless Jewel.
  • Some Pruitt Monster attributes fixed:
    • [983] - Fire Drake head has length 14, not 7
    • [984] - Frost Giant RED-side: move speed 5, not 4
    • [985] - Cockatrice length is 3, not 0

  • [981] - Fixed an error that crashes the game when you have an encumbered follower.
  • [992] - Fixed a problem where if you start placing gold chits, and then let the computer finish them off, you can end up with multiple chits being placed per box.
  • [1008] - Fixed a bug that would raise an error when you have the ASHES curse, and you are selling items to natives that offer/demand gold with a negative penalty (ie., OFFER GOLD -5)
  • [980] - Treasure Site Cards will remain visible on the setup card.
  • [1001] - Truly fixed ALERT phase bug - this will work correctly in ALL characters now.
  • [996] - Hired tremendous monsters, when using the remodeled chits option, cannot be flipped during combat anymore.
  • [1000] - When running away, after enchanting the Deep Woods and losing the path, you no longer get a free round of combat.
  • [974] - Native relationship shown when "Buy Drinks?" dialog is displayed.
  • [993] - All Hire/Trade windows (including those when you don't have enough gold) show the offer (ie., Offer - Price x 3)

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