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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Version 0.41 Released

I seem to have caught a cold virus (dare I say, a bug?), and as such am not too much in the coding mood this weekend. Still, I was able to finish up a few more issues, and get them into this release.

The main reason I want to get this release out, is because of a fix to a problem with the player board builder that prevented the game from playing. As one e-mailer put it "Ehh - who needs to play the game after building the map?". He he he.

Also, this release sports a fix in the "Graphics Glitch" bug, so those of you that have run into it, will likely breathe a sigh of relief.

Not a lot here, but here's what's new:

  • [690] - There is a button on the Hall of Fame to clear the data if you wish.

  • [372] - At looooong last the so-called "graphics glitch" is fixed. The map counters will no longer "vanish" unexpectedly during the game.
  • [686] - Discovering a path on board A does not automatically give you the path on board B anymore (double-board)
  • [647] - Native summoning is distinguishing boards now (double-board)
  • [695] - You can actually play the game now, after constructing a player board.
  • [675] - Elusive Cloak works with non-character chits now
  • [435] - Flowers of Rest work now, even if you don't record any actions. They also work in the situation where someone carrying the Flowers of Rest moves through, but does not stop in a clearing with a fatigued character. This will now appropriately put that character to sleep, whether or not they've had a turn.
  • [676] - Controlled monster head/club kills count towards character total
  • [671] - Alerted chits will appear in the fatigue/wound dialogs now
  • [680] - If you MOVE, enchant a tile, and then try to run from combat, the road must not vanish or become "undiscovered", or you will now be unable to run. (see 3rd ed 7.10.4.d.1)

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