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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Manual Map Broken

It seems like every time I release a cool new feature, it requires a bug fix or two before its fully functional.

If you go through the trouble of building a player map with the map builder, you cannot play the game, for some reason. There's a nasty bug in there that hijacks the code before it can do the necessary preprocessing, and you end up with an unplayable game. The bug has been filed, and I'm hoping to get it fixed for the weekend.

On a good note, I finally reproduced/found/fixed the famous "graphics glitch" bug that's plagued me for half a year. That alone will be worth getting released.

If you choose automatic map building, it should still run just fine.

Update 1

This bug is fixed in version 0.41 (not yet released). I'll try to put a new release up this weekend.

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