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Friday, September 22, 2006

Version 0.34 Released

I always try to add a new feature or two each time I do a release, so that it isn't a pure "bug fix", but this time is an exception. There were a few things that just needed fixing, and I didn't really want to muck it up with a bunch of new stuff.

One cool thing that actually works now, is riding Flying Steeds. Yes, you can finally use the Control Bats spell to get around the board, or if you prefer, Transform a buddy into the Eagle, and jump on his back (provided you aren't too heavy!!) That could almost count as a new feature, I suppose...

With this release, I think I got the last of the bugs that caused a player to remain hidden regardless of their attack, and took care of some other irritating things that affected game play. I hope that makes it worth the download for you!

Anyway, here's what's new:

  • Magic users casting area affect spells (ie., Fiery Blast) will properly become unhidden when targeting multiple targets again
  • Players using "Watchful Natives" will no longer have trouble with monsters not moving to their own sheet on attacking from hidden.
  • Can no longer press END when hidden with unhidden hirelings vs battling natives
  • Getting a curse during SEARCH will properly charge you an action, when you have the Timeless Jewel
  • New "Cancel Spell" button, in case you want to cancel the casting of a spell in combat
  • Serious wound rolls are logged
  • Flying Carpet works again
  • Flying critters can follow now
  • You can ride flying critters following you now (ie., Flying Steeds). Swordsman on an Eagle? Seems odd...
  • Transforming no longer loses mission chits
  • Killing transformed unhired native leaders (that's a mouthful!) properly drops groups inventory now.
  • Fixed a synching issue with Power of the Pit and Curse
  • Fixed a problem where Hired Leaders were becoming unhidden prematurely
  • Fixed an issue where trying to enter a mountain clearing on your last phase with a pony was failing
  • Hired Leaders and Controlled Monsters will no longer have the summon chits flip face down in their tile anymore
  • Can flip Giant's clubs and Dragon heads if you control them (or absorb them)

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