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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Version 0.13 Released

This is a relatively small release, but I think its worth it anyway. Fixed a couple of annoying bugs, and added some new features I think you'll like. I'm playing with this version tonight with some friends online, so I'll let you know how that goes!

Here's what's new:

  • New Spells Working:
    • Exorcism
    • Small Blessing (Works mostly, though the WISH table isn't complete...)

  • Reset button on combat panel to allow "takebacks" during combat.
  • Detail button on combat panel displays a text description of combat resolution.

  • Maneuver hotspots are disabled if there are no attackers
  • Luring from character sheets is supported. Click on the LURE hotspot without selecting an unassigned denizen to see this option.
  • Changed buttons around a bit on SpellSelector (was a bit confusing)
  • Can no longer close SpellSelector by clicking the "Close Window" box (was causing some problems)
  • Reinstated code to allow selling of activated items (except activated potions, of course). All sold items are deactivated (and unalerted) on sale.
  • Fixed the wording in the TRADE dialog to better describe what is happening (especially in the case of a BOON)
  • Fixed a bug where your gold could go negative when turning down a BOON.
  • Fixed a bug where having the ASHES curse prevented you from accepting a BOON.

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