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Friday, September 02, 2005

Version 0.12 Released

This is a fairly big release, with lots of new features and fixed bugs. I really want to give a special thanks to Vincent L, who provided me with very long, and very detailed bug reports. Without this help, I'm not sure I'd have gotten half of these things done.

That said, there were a few bugs I didn't address, simply because I could never recreate them on my machine. The most major of these are:
  • Spell targeting problems, where sometimes targets are targeted more than once
  • Natives sometimes use horses in caves during combat
  • Starting a turn between two clearings where one is a cave, sometimes acts as though you started in a cave.

If you encounter any of these, can you please save the game at your next possible opportunity, and send it to me? I really don't like leaving these bugs unaddressed, but until I can see them myself, there's nothing I can do!

With that "disclaimer" out of the way, here's what's new in this version (warning - very long list):

New Features:
  • Option on character sheet to have combat windows open every Evening - default ON
  • Better error reporting when an image file cannot be found (causes the game to exit, rather than play on)
  • New spell selector interface: allows choosing the same spell more than once
  • New Character Frame header layout
  • New Spell Working: Make Whole
  • New BattleBuilder GUI
    • Full interface for standalone Battle tester
    • Non-linear creation of battle situations
    • More control over inventory (ie., damaged armor)
    • Easy to make changes before playing the battle

Fixed Bugs/Issues:
  • Counter typos reported by beta-testers:
    • Vulnerability fixed on Soldier HQ - Heavy not Medium
    • Added the words "HIDE 1 die" to Shoes of Stealth treasure card (though it always worked that way)
    • The Silver Breastplate has been fixed: Heavy vulnerability, not Medium
    • Octopus is now circled 4 instead of circled 2 on RED side

  • Proofread all counters: found 3 more errors which are now fixed: }
    • T Spider front move time is now 3 instead of 4
    • Patrol 1 values switched (was backward: light on dark, and dark on light)
    • Morning Star unalerted speed is now 6 (was blank)

  • No longer have unlimited actions after moving with a Pony
  • Fixed problem when loading a save game where characters have hirelings
  • Characters become unhidden at the start of their turn (instead of midnight)
  • Horses cannot be activated unless they are strong enough to carry your character AND your inventory
  • Inactive horses are included when determining what you can carry (rule 3.6/4)
  • Cannot switch out horses after recording a MOVE action for the day (I know this isn't completely accurate, but will work for now)
  • Die modifiers work on spells
  • When no target is selected, and active weapon is not played, it's alerted state no longer changes
  • Trying to LOOT the CAIRNS with no active asterisk chits no longer freezes the game
  • Fixed MagicSight "Perceive Spell" issues (can't learn spells outside your ability; can only learn spell once)
  • Save and End game options ONLY available during BIRDSONG now
  • Boots cannot be activated unless they are strong enough to carry your character AND your inventory
  • Followers with SQUEAK curse do not hide when guide hides
  • Revamped Run logic to use a new system: squashes all "run" problems reported to date
  • Can no longer loot the clearing directly instead of Magic Sight, when that ability is enabled
  • Natives become unhidden when luring or deploying
  • Natives can no longer deploy to hidden enemies that haven't been found yet
  • Natives that become unhired (end of term) become unhidden
  • Can only sell INACTIVE inventory now
  • Disabled character development levels for now - not fully implemented
  • When running, hirelings are disengaged from targets (I know that natives don't run, but I'm not fixing it this time around)
  • Fixed problem with multiple free actions (Amazon with 3 extra MOVE phases due to 7L Boots, and a Horse - she was getting 4!)
  • Die bonus is no longer lost on Trade table when opportunity or trouble occurs
  • Gray magic spells no longer work with ANY color
  • Buying drinks includes all members of the native group in the clearing, including those already hired
  • Awakening all the spells on a book/artifact no longer prevents further Read Runes rolls
  • Oil of Poison no longer affects daggers (may add this back as a house rule, if people want it)
  • Multiple rests for a guide translate to multiple rests for the followers
  • Dwarf drinking the Poultice of Health gets 3 asterisks per REST phase
  • Destroyed armor is repaired before being used on a new character
  • Demon MOVE times no longer affect Pilgrim's ability to ALERT, run, or cast spells
  • Only "carryable" items are counted towards victory points

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