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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Wow, has it really nearly six months since the last release? I remember thinking that I wanted to get this one out quickly, because there were a couple of unpleasant bugs that needed fixing.

In any case, here it is, just in time for Christmas! :-)

Here's what's new:

  • Added 6 random spells to the Magic Guild, for sale at 10 gold a-piece.
  • In addition to stopping monster generation (expansion), destroying a generator will also:
    • Kill all generated monsters (excluding guardians) on the board (without the source of power, they die/leave/disintegrate)
    • Reward the character with 20 Fame and 20 Notoriety

  • [1685] - Experimental new launch file (SmartRun.bat and SmartRunHere.bat) to allow Windows 7 users to launch without tweaking the files.

  • [1727] - Fixed a bug that causes the HTML export to fail when a character has more than one hired leader
  • [1725] - Fixed a bug that was crashing combat on an old save game, when armor was destroyed.
  • [1726] - Witch's familiar, and Phantasm spell can PEER again. Note that for the Familiar to work, you must start a new game (an old game will still have this problem)
  • [1732] - Fixed a problem with TERROR result of Power of the Pit when the target is transmorphed into a H or T monster.
  • [1733] - Can learn spells while transformed now, as long as you have the correct type of MAGIC chit
  • Newly added companions (like when a custom character is playing a development game) will start off HIDDEN, so that they don't get killed in the same turn you receive them.
  • [1740] - Fixed a bug that sometimes crashed the game when trying to move a dead traveler.
  • Trading activated treasures to the Magic Guild for advancement no longer leaves the items in their activated state when they are bought back.
  • Lockpick Set treasure actually works now (apparently never implemented - sorry about that!)
  • Bag of Weightless works correctly now when you are flying away from combat.
  • Flaming Oil no longer destroys the Tomb (only Pond and Hive are affected)
  • [1722] - Skeletal archers now have a length of 14, and skeletal swordsmen have a length of 3 (instead of zero!)
  • Captured travelers will follow by default, and cannot be reassigned. If the character teleports or runs away, the traveler immediately escapes.
  • Fixed a problem with the "build map by rating" feature that was causing the campfires to sometimes be placed in unconnected clearings.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Robin!
- Andy Higgins (Chicago)

Anonymous said...

I tried to load the custom characters into the game, but it did not work. Is this a bug or am I doing something worng?

DewKid said...

It should work. Make sure your custom characters are in a folder called "characters", in the main RealmSpeak folder. When it is setup correctly, you should be able to see the images folder, the characters folder, and the run.bat file (among others) in the same folder.

Are you using your own custom character design? If so, send that to me ("robin" followed by the AT sign, followed by "dewkid", then a DOT, then "com") and I'll test it here to make sure there isn't something else wrong.

Anonymous said...

No I downloaded the I get a NullPointerException when I start up RealmSpeak.

DewKid said...

Clearly you are getting some exception text. Can you send me the error log, or the complete text where you are getting that? I've never seen that before, so it would be good to tackle that one. At the very least RealmSpeak should be giving you some feedback, instead of an exception, so I'd like to fix it.

If you use the e-mail address referenced above, that would work. If you'd rather remain anonymous, I suppose you can post the text of the error/exception right here on the blog, and I'll move it to the bug tracker.


DewKid said...

By the way, I assume you unzipped the 32Characters archive into the "characters" folder? If not, that may be the source of the problem.

DewKid said...

Hmm, I've tried to make this break several times, and just can't. I've tried:

1. Move the characters folder so it isn't visible to RealmSpeak. The characters simply become unavailable with no crash.
2. Empty the characters folder. Same results as 1.
3. Copied a zip archive to the characters folder. RealmSpeak ignores the archive.
4. Created a fake rschar file in the characters folder. RealmSpeak recognizes that there is a problem with that one file, ignores it, and loads the rest.

All of these are graceful responses to configuration issues. Now I'm even more curious how you are ending up with a NPE.