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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Version Released

Note: This release is NOT compatible with save games from earlier releases. I made changes to the data file that will affect the Ancient Telescope and the Crystal Ball. If you use this version with an older save game, THESE TWO TREASURES WILL NOT WORK CORRECTLY! Sorry about that, but it was a necessary change to make them consistent with other objects in the game.


Mostly just working through reported issues and feature requests. I think the list is down to only 34 items now!

Anyway, here's what's new this time:

  • [1694] - For map builders, enlarged the tile pick view, added the tile flipside, and made the tile currently being placed respond to the SHIFT key to show you the enchanted side.
  • Some new house rules are available under the title "More House Rules":
    • [1285] - Enable a feature where damaged armor can be repaired at any dwelling for the difference in price between intact and damaged.
    • [1494] - An optional house rule where Soft Ground and Early Snow only prevent Hide rolls in non-Cave clearings.

  • [967],[1148] - Fixed issues with Ancient Telescope, and Crystal Ball.
  • Fixed a problem with REPAIR, HEAL, and FORTIFY as base character abilities.
  • [1716] - Fixed a problem with custom characters with light armor in a non-expansion game.
  • Fixed a bug that was crashing the combat simulator when launching it in "Original Game" mode.
  • [1717] - Luring an attacker off another sheet no longer leaves a "ghost" image behind.
  • [1679] - A RED-side up monster on a native no longer prevents random assignment from occurring with other unassigned denizens.
  • [1718] - Host game setup dialog made slightly bigger to accommodate most OS's.

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