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Thursday, February 04, 2010

TimeTripper 0.6 Released

Why don't you put down your swords and spellbooks for a moment, and take a chance to go back to Vietnam, get stoned, and jump randomly through time with nothing more than your Radio, a few weapons, and your trusty M16.

What the heck am I talking about? Why a new TimeTripper release, of course! This is an old SPI game that I converted to Java several years ago, and has sat stagnant for far too long. I abandoned it because I was still pretty heavily getting RealmSpeak up and running, and because I had too many Grognards (you know who you are) nit-picking the thing to pieces. I mean, that's cool and all, I just got tired of it.

This new release has plenty to offer: lots of updated maps, support for saving and loading games, and of course, plenty of bug fixes. Why, the bug tracker is completely empty at this point for the game, so I'm looking for a "few good men" to start playtesting this again. Heck, I'll even listen to the Grognards!

Here's what's new:

  • Extra information on action buttons:
    • Attacks show percent likelihood the weapon will be emptied
    • Negotiation button shows how easy a negotiation would be with the given set of natives

  • New custom battle fields for many of the maps, including
    • Marathon
    • Alesia
    • Gladiator Games
    • Little Bighorn
    • Blood River
    • Monmouth
    • Hells Angels

  • New information on screen about most every in-game roll
    • Rolls displayed for
      • Accuracy
      • Negotiation
      • Combat Result
      • Detection
      • Weapon empty
      • Awe1/Awe4

    • Mouse over on-screen icon to see extra information:
      • Who was affected by the roll
      • The table that was used, and how the cross-reference result was calculated

  • Horse detail now appears on the battle description pane
  • You can save and load your games now.
  • Equipment Chooser has a lot of new information:
    • Accuracy and Attack values for each weapon mode
    • Total number available to Trippers (useful in a game of Team Tripper)

  • When Flux is aligned, you'll see an arrow on the time maps indicating direction.
  • Awed soldiers that have already attacked will have an "A" on them now.

  • [802] - Burst and Rapid will work correctly now, allowing to strafe across empty hexes
  • [1618] - The current battlefield time period will display when no other hex is highlighted
  • [808] - Game will end when last tripper dies now, regardless of how many awed soldiers are left
  • [806] - Rollerbrawlers in Battle 48 will correctly have a move of 6 now, instead of only 3
  • [1619] - Cars and pong balls no longer exert a ZOC
  • [820] - Timepolice will only stun now (no roll made on the combat result table)
  • Fixed a bug that left the tripper activated in the first game round after doing negotiation
  • Starsoldiers (Battle 41) will no longer attack the Tripper when negotiations "enrage" the natives.
  • When natives combine their attack while "enraged", the combat result is adjusted accordingly
  • [819] - Stunned soldiers no longer move or attack during negotiations
  • [800] - Stunned awed soldiers can no longer be moved or attack
  • Japanese Banzai troops (Battle 33)
    • No longer kill you with their bayonets from a distance
    • Icon changes when they switch modes

  • [807] - Fluxed soldiers/animals (awed or not) will no longer attack or move on round 1
  • Trippers can only carry one type of grenade (rule 13.14)
  • [801] - You can now combine melee attacks to kill an opponent.
  • Trippers only drop "loose equipment" when they die
  • Trippers lose one point from their maximum endurance when they die (permanent loss!)

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