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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Combat Summary

With the last release (0.60) came a new feature you might enjoy. During battle resolution, a new button will appear near the "Next" button:

Pressing this button will give you a concise summary of the round's results:

The display is shown in the order of resolution, so you can pretty much read it from top to bottom like a story. The big arrows give you a visual indication of the results: blue means miss, red means hit, solid red means kill. You'll see any rolls that are tied to the individual hits, and any changes in the level of harm are shown.

Of course, all of this information has always been there, but never in a way that you can quickly discern the results. Most of the time, I'll be playing with friends, and someone will say "Hey, who killed the Great Axeman?" You can stare at the combat sheets and figure it out, but sometimes it takes a bit (let's see, we both hit, but I was faster... no wait... length goes first because it round 1....) This new display lays it out in a way that there is no doubt as to who killed what. Then, if you want to refer back to the combat sheets or detail log to get the gritty details, you can.

What doesn't it do? It doesn't show non-attack spells. If the Pilgrim casts Small Blessing, it will not appear in this window. Sometimes, when someone is killed, it shows them as alive further down the summary - this happens when there are simultaneous hits. These are things I'd like to fix down the road, but I think its pretty useful even in its current state.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think the Combat Summary is the cherry atop the creamy sweet goodness that is RealmSpeak.

Good job, Robin. It really adds to combat.