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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Version 0.57 Released

This release fixes most (all?) of the bugs related to custom advantages from the last release, and adds a whole bunch more new advantages. Also fixed a few bugs from the regular game. Not much else to say, except here's what's new:

  • [977] - When playing a local game (non-network), the gold chit placement dialog will allow you to place all the chits at once, and will not cycle through characters unnecessarily.
  • New Custom Advantages
    • Lock picking (open VAULT, CRYPT, or CHEST without keys)
    • Different starting gold amount with an option for setting maximum recorded gold
    • Item Restrictions (i.e., can specify that Suit of Armor cannot be worn)
    • "Plus One" die mods (disadvantage)
    • Start the game with a companion
      • Many monster types (not all)
      • Transform types (Lion, Eagle, Bird, Squirrel, Frog)
      • If you are doing development, you DO get the companion when you achieve the level
      • Companions regenerate when you advance a level (is this too powerful?)

    • Rest counts double advantage (like Dwarf)
    • Walk Woods ability on the 7th day of the week
    • Monster Immunity - generalizes the concept of "Demon Immunity"
      • Demon Immunity is no longer available on the miscellaneous panel
      • You can specify any number of monsters, including those from Pruitt's expansion
      • Immunity means that the monster cannot attack you, cannot be lured, and cannot block you at any time.

    • Natural armor - character has a natural armor like monsters
      • Dampens attack sharpness as if it hit armor
      • If real armor is hit, it does NOT dampen sharpness again (unless you are playing with penetrating armor rules)
      • Once sharpness is dampened by this armor, the full effect of the attack is taken (i.e., you don't simply get a single wound!)

    • Not really an advantage, per se (it doesn't take up a slot), but you can create FLY chits among your regular character chits
      • FLY chits must have at least one effort asterisk to be valid.
      • FLY chits are fatigued when used, much like MAGIC chits - this is true for regular (daytime) movement, as well as combat maneuvering or running away. Yeah, flying is hard.
      • You only fatigue a FLY chit when you "take off", not for every tile moved.
      • If you "take off", land, and "take off" again, you will be fatiguing TWO FLY chits, if you have them.
      • Because of the changes in the FLY code, if you have other options (flying steed, flying carpet, flying spell, etc) you don't need to fatigue your FLY chits.

    • Other special CHIT abilities:
      • BERSERK-like vulnerability adjustments
      • DUCK-like movement chits
      • DUCK-like fight chits
      • You get to give the chit its own "name" here, but MOVE, FIGHT, MAGIC, and FLY are reserved names. Otherwise, anything goes: take care not to make something toooo long. :-)

  • Character Builder
    • New chit INVALID indicator when chits are not... well... valid!
      • MOVE chits with a strength less than your vulnerability are invalid
      • MAGIC or FLY chits without effort asterisks are invalid

    • Added a new export function, so you can save an image of your character card without the picture
    • Added a "Suggest" button to the description field of every advantage type, so you can get a default if you don't feel like writing it yourself.
    • New "Edit Notes..." button allows you to add/edit notes for your character. This is a good place to keep track of character versions, or mention that you made changes to someone else's design.

  • Reworked flying logic
    • if you have multiple flying possibilities, you get to pick which one you want to use
    • if you will drop items by flying, you get a warning now BEFORE it happens

  • Fixed a problem with giving weapons names with more than one word
  • [1119],[1124] - Fixed problems with custom characters using "optional" advantages:
    • Druid Lull (no site chit summoning)
    • Magician's MAGIC chits don't fatigue
    • Wizard's ability to skip SPX phase
    • Druid's immunity to curses

  • [1120],[1114],[1117] - Fixed an issue with MEETING die roll modifications (affected both Knights, and custom characters with the meeting table diemods)
  • [1125] - Custom Characters with more than one extra phase, will behave properly now
  • [1116] - Added the awakened spell count to the search buttons for Read Runes
  • Fixed a problem where some of the temp files were not getting deleted for the character builder
  • [1115] - Support for negligible weight weapons
  • [1123] - Characters that have the ability to start at the GHOSTS will not crash the game anymore
  • [1130] - A problem with custom weapons crashing the game during combat is fixed.
  • [1133] - Fixed a problem with how tweaked-imported characters were appearing in the character chooser
  • [1135] - Cannot inactivate enchanted items during combat anymore
  • [1141] - Fixed some minor annoyances in the character builder tool
  • [1144] - Fixed the log so it is clear that gold bounty is split across all simultaneous attackers
  • [1136] - A recurring problem with the three Map treasures is fixed.
  • [1122] - T chits without effort asterisks are no longer fatigued when opening the VAULT or CRYPT

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