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Friday, July 13, 2007

Version 0.50 Released

Only have a couple of nights work in this one, but its got some nice new features. First off, is the ability to build a board using a mix of the expansion tiles. I'm not going to go into great detail, but the jist is that the regular tiles are randomly mixed with the expansion tiles to allow some variability. Of course, this is an optional feature, so if you don't want to mess with it, don't.

I added a new option in the Options menu that will allow you to change the look and feel. By default, you are using what is called the "System" look and feel, but this has caused some problems for my Solaris 10 user (users?). The new option lets you switch to the "Cross-Platform" look and feel, which is supposedly more robust on these machines. I'm hoping this will enable him to get around the conflict he has encountered, and actually be able to play this game again.

Still no progress on Treachery, but I think that is my next area of focus.

Anyway, here's what's new:

  • [440] - Added a new option (Option Menu) to allow you to switch the look and feel to "Cross-Platform". Hopefully, this will resolve the strange graphics problems on Solaris machines.
  • Hidden Enemy status shown in character spy window (the one you get when you double-click a character in the character list window)
  • Backspace button allows you to "unsend" your recorded turn, in case you change your mind before the other players have finished recording.
  • Option to include a random mix of expansion tiles
    • Ambush always starts enchanted side up, to facilitate placement
    • Paths/Passages attached to tile edges work like one-way gates. For example:
      • Tile A Clearing 1 connects to the north edge of the tile via normal road
      • Tile B Clearing 5 connects to the south edge of the tile via hidden path
      • You can move from A1 to B5 without knowing the path
      • You must discover the path to move from B5 back to A1
      • There are only two tiles where this matters: Dark Forest and Pinnacle

    • Chasm logic is not implemented (normally prevents woodswalking across chasm)
    • Volcano logic IS implemented:
      • Red-clearings cause daily fatigue
      • Orange-clearings cause daily wounds
      • White-clearings cause daily serious wounds (1d6 wounds)
      • Hirelings are NOT affected by any of these (I agree that doesn't make sense), but for now, that's how it is

    • If you do a multi-board, you will not necessarily end up with two of every tile, but you will still have:
      • 5 "Mountain" tiles for every board
      • 5 "Caves" tiles for every board
      • 5 "Valley/Swamp" tiles for every board
      • 5 Woods tiles for every board

    • NONE of the rest of the expansion (spells, treasures) is implemented: this is just an inclusion of the new tiles
    • If you don't like this ruleset, then don't play with this option turned on

  • Fixed a problem where recording a turn, and then saving the game would create a situation that made loading the game impossible
  • Clearing plot (the yellow line that shows which clearings you are planning on moving to) is updated when different characters are selected in the character list. This is only applicable if you have multiple characters, and are plotting their turns simultaneously.
  • [867] - Changed the threading logic on a major piece of the program that I'm hoping will eliminate the possibility of a deadlock on Solaris 10 running Java 1.6.
  • [821] - Fixed a strange bug that would occasionally crash the game on a double-board.
  • Fixed a graphics anomoly that was appearing on triple/quad boards
  • Added an optimization to the map building code that has a noticable speed improvement in the auto-builds of multi-boards.
  • [729] - Shielded Lantern, when activated in a cave with the Timeless Jewel, will properly allow you to take a bonus phase.


DewKid said...

Apparently, there is a problem if you play with the expansion tiles AND Pruitt's monsters. The chits don't get added to the expansion tiles, and that messes everything up. The workaround is to play either one or the other, but not both! I'll get that fixed eventually.

Anonymous said...

Hey, any chance you can get the green background the same color on the new and old tiles?