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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Version 0.43 Released

Attn! Resource Pack is updated, so you'll need to download the new version!

Not a lot to say about this one, except that a bunch of problems were fixed. Probably the biggest new feature, is one that allows you to force the end of a game, and then view everything on and off the board.

I was playing this version this morning, and had a pretty awesome game, which is still in progress (currently saved). I'm playing with the Captain and the Sorceror, and we started the game in Midsummer, on a warm day. That's 2 basic, and 3 sunlight phases for 7 days! Right off the bat, we found the Lair, and in the lair were a few useful items:
  • Dragonfang Necklace
  • Handy Gloves (M3)
  • Timeless Jewel

In addition to that, the sorceror found a bunch of magic artifacts, so you can imagine his glee. Next, we found the Hoard, and a few more items:
  • Dragon Essence
  • Flying Carpet
  • Alchemist's Mixture

A few monsters have messed with us, but for the most part, the Realm is letting us play. I decided to save the game before the inevitable disaster happens.

Anyway, you don't care about my game: You want to know what's new!

  • [749] - Fixed how game end works, and how/where you extend the game.
    • New button "End Game" allows to force the current game to end.
    • New button "Reveal All" allows you reveal all chits/cards at the natural end of a game.
    • "Extend Game 1 Month" button moved out of character panel, and onto main character list.

  • [629],[725] - Changed how VPs are allocated. Instead of getting them piecemeal, you must allocate all of them at the beginning of the game.
    • Considers the number of months to play, and seasons, if applicable
    • Extending the game 1 month at a time will still ask for more VPs.

  • [735] - "Items and Horses" table from page 17 of the 3rd-edition rules is now available in the view menu

  • [748],[746] - Fixed an error that happens when you find yourself in a clearing with no paths leading out (like after enchanting a tile)
  • [769] - Charging will cause you to become unhidden now.
  • [715] - "Encounter" phase in combat now properly reads "Actions"
  • [767] - Fixed the price of the Lucky Charm from 2 to 14
  • [744],[758] - Fixed a state exception
  • [751] - Wish for Vision no longer empties the site
  • [764] - Curses on non-characters will properly show as having no effect.
  • [754] - Fixed another run bug, that was saying the path vanishes when you run repeatedly from the same clearing.
  • [772] - If you can walk woods, you can run into the woods, instead of being forced to move down a path.
  • [776] - Fixed a problem with Persuade and Watchful Natives
  • [712],[777] - Fixed a strange problem with Persuade, that prevented you from activating newly aquired items, not on your turn.
  • [599] - Can no longer lure a RED-side up monster off of another sheet.
  • [660] - Choosing a spell target now includes a small icon indicating the combat sheet they are on (if any)
  • [723] - Added a new batch file (runHere.bat) that allows you to keep all of RealmSpeak's preferences and Hall of Fame in the same directory.
  • Fixed a bug in the battle editor that would always report "Battle Ended" when the only combatants were characters.
  • [640] - Reset button works after selecting a target now.
  • [775] - Cleaned up the logic for native positioning and randomization a bit.


Anonymous said...

Sure we care about your game :) I'm especially amused by the Wish for Vision emptying the site bug - lol. Glad you caught that! - Teresa

DewKid said...

I can't take credit for spotting the bug: someone else reported it on the bug tracker. Still, its a good one to get fixed. Can you imagine the Pilgrim sitting in the Chapel casting Small Blessing over and over, and dumping the contents of every treasure location into the clearings!! What a strategy. :-)