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Monday, June 12, 2006

The Natives... are watchful?

I'm getting a lot of reports that the "Watchful Natives" option is breaking the combat interface. I've identified and fixed the bug that causes this, but I'm probably not going to do a patch release because there is a reasonable workaround: don't turn this option on.

If you are playing combat, and discover that the NEXT button doesn't advance, or something else seems to be unresponsive, you've likely encountered this bug.

Sorry about that folks!


Anonymous said...

Ouch... I wish this information was posted on the download page or something. Fired up the game repeatedly and ran into this (as watchful natives are our default option). At this point everyone thinks the program is garbage as this was their only experince with it: three aborted games due to failed next buttons as soon as combat was engaged.

DewKid said...

This is a work in progress, so though I try to release a product each time that is playable, these bugs slip through the cracks once in awhile. I hope you give it another try someday.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! Was having some difficulties with the next button, now I know!!

DewKid said...

... and hopefully you've downloaded v0.32 by now. :-)