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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Prior to January 30...

Added 7/8/2003:

Why no updates? - I got as far as the server/client, and burned out a bit. I am planning to revisit this game (I put too much work into it to drop it completely), but for now, its on the backburner. Lately I've been putting my efforts into my Java conversion of another boardgame: Wizards. Check it out!

Added 3/11/2003:

Running Server/Client (view) - This is a screenshot of my Magic Realm server running with three connected clients, each playing one character.

Added 2/9/2003:

GameBuilder (view) - I wrote this tool to create/edit pieces in a master XML file. I currently have an XML file for MagicRealm that could be easily used in a number of ways (MySQL import, non-Java code, etc). What is XML? Look here.

PieceViewer (view)(view) - This is a java component that can hold and display any number of Magic Realm game pieces. Note that these are not scans here: each piece is rendered based on information retrieved from the XML document.

MapViewer (view)(view) - This is a java component that can display an assembled game map. A slider allows the user to adjust the scale. You'll notice that I opted to recreate the tile layout, rather than capture the bitmaps. Though I'd prefer to have the bitmaps (may be an option later), they are just too large to handle well in memory. The tile layout is completely captured in XML, and can be faithfully regenerated by the code. This map was built automatically.

TileEditor (view) - This is the tool I used to recreate the tile layouts, path connections, clearing details, and all the various curves.